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“Britney vs. Spears”: The underside of a controversial tutelage

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Imaginez-vous être adulte, mais devoir demander la permission pour aller au restaurant, pour passer un coup de fil, pour dépenser votre argent comme bon vous semble ou pour voir des amis : c’est le quotidien vécu par la chanteuse américaine de Britney Spears 13 years. A new Netflix documentary takes a look at the origins of his tutelage and reveals the underside of his battle to free himself from it.

in a Britney C. spearsDirector Erin Lee Carr and journalist Jenny Iliescu were unveiled on Tuesday by the magazine rolling rock, plunges us in their search for the truth to understand how the pop star was able to find herself overnight with the same rights as a minor, while pursuing her international career.

The project, which began two years ago, was initially aimed at focusing on the artistic talent of the singer and her representation in the media. But during interviews with key players – ex-dates, friends, ex-managers, lawyers – and after anonymous receipt of confidential documents regarding his guardianship, the documentary took a completely different path. His story was also about power and control. It is a story full of intrigues and rumors,” the director sums up from the first minutes.

Erin Lee Carr and Jenny Iliescu decided very quickly to return to their fall star in 2007. After her divorce from dancer Kevin Federline and the loss of custody of her two children, Britney Spears lost ground, and the fakes doubled. Under the constant flashes of the paparazzi, they ended up in the hospital. Then her father, Jamie Spears, reappeared in her life to become her legal guardian.

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Laying the foundations of the documentary Britney C. spears Then he slows – and above all – lifts the veil on the silent fight the artist has been waging for years to put an end to it. It also tries to explain who really benefits from this constant oversight. Because the “state of dementia” that justifies this legal measure, according to official documents, seems incompatible with the rhythm of the artist’s work, who continued to produce her albums and toured around the world during the past decade.

Since 2008, Jamie Spears has made legal decisions about his daughter’s health, career, and personal affairs. She chooses who she can talk to and who she can see, even when it comes to her children.

His father also controls his finances and assets – estimated at $60 million – a right shared by court-appointed attorney, Andrew Wallet. But we understand in the documentary that the latter does not really defend the interests of his client, who behind the scenes is trying to change lawyers, in vain.

Journalist rolling rock Moreover, the camera admits that she tried to help him before the start of this adventure. At the request of two of the singer’s relatives who could no longer be close to her, in 2009 Jenny Iliescu agreed to meet Britney Spears in disguise in a hotel bathroom in order to get her to sign papers allowing her to ask for a new lawyer. I was afraid to participate in this story, I tried to stay objective. But I’ve known Britney Spears for 10 years, and I humanly cared for her, explains Jenny Iliescu. But it is undeniable that I could be of more use to her as a good Samaritan than to be a journalist who writes about countless others. “

The operation ultimately failed, like many others, as her father did not hesitate to challenge her statements or even cancel documents he had signed, still invoking his daughter’s “dementia”.

“Free Britney”

Erin Lee Carr and Jenny Iliescu aren’t the only ones trying to reveal the underside of Britney Spears’ tutelage. For years, an army of fans gathered under the #FreeBritney movement was convinced that the singer would stay against her will in this tutelage, even if she pretended to be fine and in tune with the situation on social media.

The movement has grown to the point that journalists and documentary filmmakers are becoming interested in it. Documentary last February Britney Spears framing, produced by The New York Times In partnership with FX Channel, I looked at how the media led to the singer’s downfall and addressed the existence of the #FreeBritney movement.

last friday The New York Times She revealed the second part of her investigation Take control of Britney Spears (Available in Canada Tuesday only). CNN broadcasts Toxic: Britney Spears’ fight for freedom after two days.

It must be said that things are accelerating lately on the side of the courts. After being trapped in silence for years, Britney Spears has stepped up her legal attacks in recent months, saying she is “unhappy” and “depressed” and believes that ” [son] The father and everyone involved in guardianship must be in prison. “

In July, a judge for the first time allowed him to choose his attorney. Now represented by Matthew Rosengart, known for his defense of other Hollywood stars like Sean Penn or Steven Spielberg, his case is finally moving forward.

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The tide is starting to turn, and Jimmy Spears seems to have understood. Last month, he demanded the withdrawal of his role as guardian and the termination of his daughter’s guardianship. A hearing is also scheduled for Wednesday in Los Angeles court. Britney Spears finally managed to regain her “freedom”.

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