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Science Festival: 30 years of discovery

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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From October 1 to 11, the 30th edition of the Fête de la Science will begin. As every year since 1992, it is published throughout the territory with the aim of bringing science together with the general public.

Thousands of meetings all over France; Lots of opportunities to discuss scientific topics freely and to share them directly with the men and women who make science today. The scientific fields are represented there as a whole, with a special approach to topics such as: biodiversity, life sciences, health, cosmology, mathematics, physics, humanities, social and environmental sciences, sustainable development or nanotechnologies.

The topics we invite you to discover through hundreds of free and fun activities, conducted in a festive atmosphere. Workshops, manipulations, exhibitions, visits to laboratories, conferences, discovery of cultural and scientific heritage … The goal is to understand science through experience.

This year’s Science Festival revolves around the theme of “The Passion of Discovery”. In all scientific disciplines, a discovery is the moment when researchers touch on an unprecedented result, a development of thought that overturns generally accepted principles and postulates. This discovery is, of course, an aspiration and a motive for research. For over a week, young and old will be able to share these emotional moments in the face of the endless curiosity that science has to offer. They will be able to participate for free in many activities: unusual experiences, visits to laboratories and companies, games, performances, discussions, etc.

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In addition to several local initiatives, a itinerant science village will be established from October 7-10 in Realmont, Montredon-Labessonne and Terre de Bancale.

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