Broken key in the lock? Expert techniques

This problem is a real plague especially as it sometimes requires the intervention of a locksmith which can be costly. If your key is broken in the lock, here are some ways to fix it yourself without calling a professional.

When you want to open your door, a sudden gesture can ruin your day. This is the case when your key breaks in the lock leaving you confused. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by looking for specialized solutions.

Be careful not to reuse the key

Sometimes we tend to think that even though the key is broken in the lock, we can open the door by rotating the rest that is still stuck there. Only by doing so do you risk making things worse. the reason ? You will push the key blade deep into the lock or else it will get stuck. Fortunately, there are some “do it yourself” methods if the key is not deeply inserted. The first step to follow is to take the broken part without discarding it.. If the methods don’t work, you’ll need to focus your attention on the remaining half to eventually hand the keys to the locksmith. The lock is a real guarantee of security. You will have to insert a fork to lock your door.

Broken keys in the lock – Locknmore

put the chute

If the application of lubricant is not necessary, it will be beneficial to have the process faster. This oily product will need to be applied to the key track. in a pharmacy, Get graphite spray So as not to obstruct the lock. Before spraying the lubricant, make sure the nozzle is in the socket of the switch. For this gesture that makes it easier to solve the problem, wipe the rest of the lubricant with a rag. Next, arm yourself with a pair of needle-nose pliers to pry the end of the wrench out. The problem has been resolved ! All you have to do is use a duplicate or return it to the pharmacy.

It is the most commonly used method to solve this problem that we can do without. The pliers should be the right thickness for your lock but also a good distance from the key. The tool should also open so that it is the width of the wrench.. This expert technique is ideal if the key protrudes beyond the lock. It becomes more difficult if the latter is deeper. Caring for your home requires knowledge that may be necessary. Some tips can help us fight the presence of cockroaches.

To remove the rest of the key from the hive, be sure to tap the cylinder so that the wrench of the key is facing the ground. This method can only be done if you have a lock. Press the side of the groove With a hammer or the back of the lock. After this blow, the rest of the broken key should come out due to the phenomenon of gravity.

You can make your own tool to extract a key blade stuck in the lock. the secret ? Cutting hacksaw blade. This thin piece will help you remove the body that is causing you a lot of trouble. for this method, The blade must be placed in the keyway So that the gears are facing you. One cycle is enough to recover the broken key. If that doesn’t work, try again. If you still can’t do it after doing all these methods, the key is probably too deep. In this case, the result is final, you will have to contact a locksmith. DIY can help us in daily life. These tips can help change the organization of our home.

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