Brown Boxes in Morrissey: The pressure group is organized

This is not acceptable as a case. Since 2004 we’ve been talking about creating these brown boxes. Additionally, the rest of Quebec is already doing its part. We find that in Morrissey, we must also do our own thing, One of the group’s participants, Charles Fontaine, lamented the presentation microphone And immediately.

The delays are believed to be caused by a project to construct a waste treatment plant in Saint-Etienne de Grace. The profits from selling the produced biogas should then be used to build the compost plant. These are two projects that can stand side by side, He said.

According to him, the costs or debts that may result from this will be accepted by the population. The issue of municipal compost, I think maybe there is no consensus, but there is social acceptanceAs Charles Fontaine says.

I have the clear impression that if it is long, it will not be necessarily for technical reasons, but mainly for economic and political reasons, He adds. The protester notices that their movement is putting pressure on elected officials and making them interact.

The group is planning further measures, particularly in the context of the upcoming municipal elections. We want to meet the elected officials who want to run. We want to open the dialogue, listen to the expertsCharles Fontaine concludes

In 2019, Michel Anger, president of Énercycle and Mayor of Shaoinigan, said he wanted to collect organic materials in 2022. The date is now set in 2025, the deadline imposed by the county government.

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