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Bruce Boudreau believes in Eric Stahl … and in al-Kindi

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Having previously coached Eric Stahl with the Minnesota Wild, ex-coach Bruce Boudreau believes the veteran’s contribution will allow the Montreal Canadiens to go far into the playoffs.

Boudreau often faced Stahl when he was at the helm of the Washington Capitals, between 2007 and 2011. At the time, the athlete was one of the most dangerous midfielders on the tour.

So when he had a regular season in 2015-16 with the Carolina Hurricans and the New York Rangers, Boudreau wasn’t worried. When the two joined the Minnesota Wild at the same time, on the 2016-2017 campaign, the two had a good conversation and Staal was given a new lease on life.

“When I was in Washington, all I remember is how amazing he was when we were facing Carolina,” Boudreau said in an interview with the Podcast. Time out By Louis Jean. When Eric Stahl was on his toes, we might have been in trouble. “

“I didn’t think it was slowing down [en 2015-2016]. I think he was placed in less important situations in Carolina and New York. We knew he still had a lot of it in the tank. “

Team player

At Staal, Boudreau believes the Habs have acquired an impeccable leader who always puts the team at the forefront of personal success. He also told the Jack-Adams Prize winner in 2007-2008 a delicious anecdote to prove it.

“In our meetings at the end of the season [après la campagne 2017-2018]”I asked if he wanted to see certain things change over the next season,” Boudreau said. He said, “You know? My playing time has decreased this year, but I’ve scored 42 goals. So I think you know what you’re doing, keep it up.”

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So there wasn’t any question for Stal about feeling sorry for himself. For him, it is only victory that counts.

“In the locker room, he is one of the biggest ‘fans’ when it comes to handing out the Player of the Match award, regardless of whether he himself played a good or bad game. I always thought he was a sign of his character. As long as the team won, he was happy.”

A long journey to the Canadian?

Boudreau also expects veterans, whether Staal or Corey Perry, among others, to be the key to ensuring CH’s success. He believes the final in the Northern Division will also pit Al Kindi against the Toronto Maple Leaves, and he believes in Montreal’s chances of victory.

“I think Montreal, when the feelings are there, can skate with Toronto, which is what a few teams can do in this league. If the Canadians can control the failure of the Toronto striker, I think the attack can pass through the Toronto defense.”

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