But where did the moon, the little gem of science fiction, come from?

In 2009, the first film, independently produced on a small budget ($5 million), awakened global science fiction: moonBy Duncan Jones. How do? Drawing from the same sources makes this genre a storehouse of great films. Moreover, the young director’s sincere pleasure in reviving this classic science fiction, where fantasy always reigns over dizzying effects, absolutely wins moviegoers.

A man in a suit looks at a small wooden chapel holding it in his hand.
Moon, by Duncan Jones Photo: Metropolis Films

David Bowie’s touch

As far as saying it right away, Duncan Jones is David Bowie’s son. By striving to tell the everyday life of an astronaut, somewhere in the middle of the twenty-first centuryAnd Horn, who single-handedly oversees the moon exploiting a borehole for a new energy source, the director details how these lone heroes will gradually sink into a kind of meditative black hole.

worthy space oddities In short…

The face of a white man with blue eyes, close-up, looks at the horizon.  Wearing a diving suit.
Poster for the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” Photo: MGM

robot piece 2001, space flight

As in Stanley Kubrick’s classics, moon It puts man and machine face to face. In fact, our astronaut (the gorgeous Sam Rockwell), alone at his station, has only one companion: Gertie, a computer of speech and intelligence.

The ghost of Hal swirls…

On an all-white background, three men dressed in black with sticks surround a man in white sitting on the ground.
THX 1138, by George Lucas Photo: Warner Bros.

memory THX-1138

George Lucas’ first film seduced audiences with its clinical, cool, and strikingly white sets.

It is this same icy purity, which depends on almost no special effects, but depends on the effect produced by this lunar station all in angles and monochromatic, which seems to have oversaw the design of those moon.

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