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Buying good coffee for your health?

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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I won’t make an exhaustive list, but why not take the time to write an article if you’re interested? These are not the criteria for choosing a coffee shop. Still, for those who dwell on the effects of coffee:

  1. Buying your coffee with beans and not ground allows you to have fresh coffee if it has not been roasted for a long time, good coffee has a hand stamped roasting history.
  2. The French press (or the French press) is very accessible, whether it is the price of it or the preparation of the coffee. You can learn about this or that brand, the origins of the coffee (some countries are more susceptible to mold while storing green coffee), the more coffee grows in the higher elevations and the less susceptible it is to all kinds of diseases and mold. 
  3. On that last point, if you’re consuming coffee for its benefits before you’re happy, my best advice is to automatically prefer single assets (one coffee grounds, always Arabica) and not a blend.

So what are the benefits of coffee?

Now is the time to wow the crowd!

So coffee is a great source of antioxidants and especially polyphenols, as are tea and cocoa (or carrots, for a change).

Coffee improves short-term memory and cognitive performance. Here, it was the caffeine that was isolated in this study. The further we go, the more I see coffee as a real productivity weapon.

One fascinating study found that coffee has similar effects to qi gong on heart rate. Chi Gong is believed to be a form of energy that permeates us, a traditional Chinese science of breathing, meditation, visualization techniques or even gentle gymnastics.

For the most skeptical, Chi Gong can be measured just like our heartbeat in the form of an electric or magnetic field or even its effects on the heart rate (perhaps some form of cardio-respiratory variability, synchronizing our breathing and beat) from his heart to have an indirect effect on our sympathetic nervous system, specifically in the fight against stress and anxiety).

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Since coffee is a science in itself in biopiracy, it is not surprising that we associate the connection with the state caused by certain oriental practices!

Unlike tea and theanine, coffee does not stimulate the production of alpha waves in the brain. So this is a different form of being present and mindful than relaxing!

In addition to putting you in a more productive state, coffee improves strength and overall performance in the gym. It is often taken as a ‘pre-workout’ (15 to 20 minutes before a workout). And as a reminder, strength is basically a nervous component before you become muscular, hence the effect of coffee on strength! Many athletes know the benefits of coffee on their performance.

Coffee stimulates thermogenesis (heat production by the body) and increases basal metabolism. More clearly, it is an ally in losing weight.

In epidemiological studies (large observations), coffee had a common denominator at many points, lower risk of various types of cancer such as prostate cancer or breast cancer, lower risk of nerve breakdown, heart attack or type 2 diabetes.

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