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Canadian hope Jean Misak, this measure

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Jay McKee’s team just won in North Bay. She was leading 3-0 in the series. The coach was about to board the bus when Misak approached him.

It was raining outside, and the wind had picked up near Lake Nipsing: not exactly the kind of evening to stroll quietly in the fresh air and contemplate the next sonnet.

Can I go back to the hotelMysak asked his boss. The young Czech was dissatisfied with the training facilities in the battalion yard, and he needed to loosen his legs.

Maki gave her his blessing; Misak drowned in the night a few kilometerssays the coach today.

I decided to run to feel good about the next match. I have to take care of my body after all the matches, all the training, simply explained Misk, Thursday, when he was told the tale. He barely smiled as the memory resurfaced.

The captain of the Czech national team in the World Junior Championships led his team to a surprise victory over the Americans on Wednesday in the quarter-finals of the tournament. He grabbed the first goal for his team, his sixth point in five games, and delivered a speech to his teammates, apparently, very inspiring.

Much of his leadership has been made in Edmonton, from his ability to lead by example.

The Czechs face Canada in the semi-finals on Friday and will likely need another spark from Mysak to continue an already amazing streak.

When we wanted to learn more about CH’s second-round pick in 2020, McKee, but somewhere on the edge of his pool in Ontario, didn’t hesitate to answer the call from Radio-Canada Sports.

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So, what kind of lad are we dealing with here Mr. Mackie (ex-Sabers 1.91m defense, we decided to play the polite card)?

It’s every coach’s dream.It was his first words.

It is dedicated. He does everything well. All teams need a player like him because he is the measure. Establishes the right culture in the organizationBulldog pilot fired.


Then Maki put up jogging in the rain. He recounts a time when Mysak, who was still in the playoffs, dissatisfied with his game, punished himself by tying weights to his ankles and going back and forth up the steps of the ladder.

Often in the youngsters, after the games, the players are eager to leave the arena to go to dinner with their girlfriend; Mysak does yoga by himself in his corner during this time. »

Quote from Jay McKee, coach of Jan Misak at OHL

It also mentions an email the 20-year-old forward sent to Bulldogs owner (Michael Andlaior, also a Montreal Canadiens contributor, editor’s note), general manager and coach. Two, actually.

The first was when the Ontario Junior League closed in 2020-21 due to the pandemic.

He said he was sorry and added that he is looking forward to returning the following year to win a championshipMackie said.

Then, at the end of his junior apprenticeship a month and a half ago, he wrote to all these beautiful people to thank them for the recent seasons.

Seven or eight years I’ve been at OHL, I’ve never seen this beforeMcKee dropped.

It has a positive effect wherever it goes. He’s giving himself a great opportunity to play in the NHL one day because of the way he behaves. He was the captain of his national team for two years. This says a lot about what his compatriots think of him. We’re talking about people here who watched him grow up and spent a lot more time with him than I did last year.the veteran estimated over 800 games in the National League.

Lead by example. He’s not hiding anywhere, and that’s what you’d expect from your captain: to see him shot hard, dash towards the net. If you want to win, you need these guys at their peak, and I think it will be Friday.Czech coach Radim Rulik added.

Misak looked very modest at a press conference. talking about the importance Create a positive atmosphere and, above all, a winning attitude.

He certainly has a knack for scoring goals, but he only finished fifth in scoring with Hamilton last year, a club that was created to win it all. McKee used it a lot to counter the best opposing lines thus removing Mason McTavish from the clutches of the toughest.

Along with his offensive power and offensive assets evident in the juniors, but we don’t know if they’ll be able to pass it on to the pros, Mysak is slowly evolving into a jack of all trades, according to his coaches. As an inspiring player, as a model for his teammates.

This is indeed an impressive feat for a young man of barely 20 years old.

It’s up to the kidneys to play

Another hope for the Hab may have a chance to assert itself on Friday afternoon. The door opened for Riley Kidney, the organization’s second round in 2021, in the possible absence of Ridley Gregg, injured in the match against the Swiss, and the player. Most consistent since the start of the tournamentAccording to Canadian coach Dave Cameron.

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Cameron could not (or wanted) to confirm anything, but everything indicated that he would have to do without the services of Greig, who was unable to skate on Thursday.

Riley Kidney reached 100 points this season at Corto.

Photo: Montreal Canadiens

Kidney hasn’t played since the first game against Latvia and four minutes of ice time. Don’t expect the Enfield, Nova Scotia-based playmaker to be too rusty regardless. Kidney had a similar experience after Laval Rocket in the playoffs, without ever playing, and said he could draw inspiration from that experience to be ready for the semi-finals.

All this fuss forced the coach to somewhat reorganize his lines. Thus, Captain Mason McTavish inserted himself into the center of Quebec by Joshua Roy and William Dufour.

Roy confirmed that the coach told us we still had the best streak on the other side. With McTavish, I think we’ll also be able to make a lot of attacks.

The three of them have 25 points so far in the tournament, 14 of which belong to McTavish. So it is already possible.

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