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Bye Bye 2021: Nice review tainted by an epidemic

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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The 2021 TV show, full of interesting surprises, made its way into its winning formula, without falling into bad taste.

Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmaris, who had secured the opening of “By Bye 2020” a year ago today, has opened the most awaited offering of the festive season.

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Out of the shadows, the coronavirus is actually still alive. And as in 2020, this year’s “Bye Bye” release, presented Friday evening on ICI Télé, was tainted by it.

Danny Turcotte, Rock It Bells Orelis, Sarah, Matthew Bieber, Claude Legault, Patrick Howard, Sebastien Delorme and Arnaud Soleil, among others, joined in the heart of the main cast, as in the past year: Guillen Tremblay, Sarah-Jeanne Labrousse, Mahdi Poseidan and Francois Belville.

In contrast, Anne Cassaboon, Julie Payet, Eric Lapointe, Michael Russo, Justin Trudeau, and Guillaume Lemay Theverge were flogged during mass on December 31.

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COVID fingerprint

Raised hats in the diagram turned to the sauce “Les beaux malaises,” renamed to mark “Bye Bye les malais,” which was able to provoke contradictions in health measures, such as curfews, fines for violators, and anti-vaccine rhetoric.

Of particular note are Sarah-Jeanne Labrousse as Veronique Cloutier in the sketch “Véro a Chaud,” a clever nod to “Loto-Méno,” and Yannick de Martino as David Goudreau in a scene about labor shortages.

Guillen Tremblay, who notably embodied the host of “Masked Singers”, was impressive in Dominique Ducharme.

Claude Legault, who was not due to return this year due to a career break, reappeared when Denis Coudrey slammed the wall of Montreal City Hall, as in government announcements of vaccination, and attacked François Legault, the victim of the “waking up” invasion with an uproar of systemic racism. , cultural appropriation and the housing crisis.

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Last year, “Bye Bye 2020” became the most watched program in Quebec of all time. With new bookings and a curfew in place on the evening of this final day of festivities, “Bye Bye 2021”, written and directed by Simon-Olivier Fecteau and Guillaume Lespérance, could rank high again this year.

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