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Bystander detects carcinoid tumor in Canucks member

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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A spectator who helped a Vancouver Canucks member discover and treat cancer has been found thanks to a call made to everyone on Twitter on Saturday.

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Brian Hamilton, the accompanying equipment assistant for the Canadian team, has suffered from malignant melanoma. A fierce and attentive spectator, present at the game against the Kraken in Seattle on October 23, saw what appeared to be a mole on Hamilton’s neck. She managed to catch the man’s attention before showing him a message on his phone.

Hamilton then met the team doctor and removed the cancerous tumor.

“I want you all to know it’s not about me.” This is a wonderful person who took the time to see something upsetting and find a way to tell us about the hockey chaos,” Hamilton wrote in a post on Canucks social media accounts.

“We are looking for this amazing person and we want you to share with your friends and family to help us find a true heroine to whom I can express my sincere appreciation.”

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This bottle, thrown into the water, quickly found its recipient. This woman’s mother – who was recently accepted into several medical schools – responded on Twitter.

“Oh my God!!! It’s my daughter! We have season tickets behind the opposition bench and I noticed a mole on her neck. […] He quickly saw her message and nodded,” Yukyung Nelson wrote.

Young Nadia Popovici will attend the match between the two teams on Saturday evening in Washington State. Hamilton intends to thank her.

“It’s been my life,” he said in a video conference shortly before the match. I have a wonderful family, I have a wonderful daughter… She has extended my life. You saved my life. She didn’t pull me out of a burning car like in a movie, but she pulled me out of a slow fire…she’s a hero. “

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