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The 5 products Apple keeps in store for us for 2022

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Apple should have many new things in store next year. Nothing sublime expected, despite some eagerly awaited products.

2021 was just over when it came time to look forward to 2022. For Apple fans, this is a chance to imagine the new products the company has in store for us. If there are traditional products released every year, such as the iPhone and Apple Watch, some of them should come to make this new year exciting.

Colorful MacBook Air

At the beginning of 2021, Apple brings us all-new iMacs featuring the Apple Silicon M1 SoC. Powerful machines, radically different from their predecessors, which very quickly managed to satisfy customers. A wide range of colors are available for the iMac, as was the case in the days of the iMac G3, which undoubtedly contributed to its success.

In the summer or fall of 2022, Apple should renew its line of MacBook Air devices. Unchanged since 2018, save for a slight update to the M1, Apple’s ultra-thin laptop could see its range refresh this year. According to rumors, it should be available in as many colors as the iMac, but also works under the new M2 chip. The MacBook Air’s gradual thickness should give way to a flat design.

iPad Air M1

So far, only one iPad model works with the Apple Silicon M1 chip: the iPad Pro. The iPad Air, the second high-end vertical tablet model, still has the same chip as the iPhone, the A14. Introduced in 2020, the model is starting to date and it would make sense for Apple to upgrade it to the M1 or M2. Currently, the iPad and iPad mini are still less expensive and two powerful solutions.

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Switching to the SoC M1 seems inevitable for a very expensive model. Its release date should roll towards the end of the year, around October or November.

New iPhone SE

Since 2016, Apple has presented in its iPhone lineup a model that is less expensive and powerful than others, but beyond repair within the reach of a wider audience. iPhone SE is an interesting model for many customers who are willing to invest in an iPhone but are reluctant to cash the claimed amounts for the iPhone Pro or Pro Max.

In 2020, a second iPhone SE model was launched, which carries an interesting technical sheet but is much less powerful than that of the iPhone XR, which was released in the same year. This year, at the same time as the possible iPhone 14, the Cupertino company should renew its iPhone SE model with the third generation. Compatible with 5G, the new iPhone SE should have an A15 chip and release in the spring.

AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro were released in 2019, and so far they have gotten quite a bit started. While they remain up to date in many areas, Apple’s premium in-ear headphones should indeed be revamped this year. On this point, a few rumors have been leaked. However, the battery should be more powerful, active noise reduction should be better and the design more compact and functional. They can be released from the first half of the year.

Apple Watch for athletes

Every year, with the release of a new Apple Watch, Apple introduces a “Nike” version with a bracelet and dial exclusive to the sports brand. However, the watch itself is no different from the other models, without any exclusive features more dedicated to sports.

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This year could change the rules of the game, finally with the Apple Watch Sport model. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gorman said the model is more shock-resistant and can be submerged in water for longer. However, we have to wait until September to see its landing.

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