Netflix reveals the release date of the new Celina series with a trailer

With my hands, boom boom! The Queen of Music Tijano finally comes Netflix December 4th! Yes, lovers Selena Quintanella He will finally be able to see the first part of the mini-series Selena: The Series Which will retrace the legendary musical journey of the singer of Mexican descent before her tragic murder in 1995.

Credit: Netflix

As Netflix previously announced, she is a star the walking Dead Christian Ceratos Who will slip into the singer’s skin, while Ricardo Shavera And the Sir Lopez His father will embody Ibrahim and his mother Marcella. Gabriel Chavaria And the Noemi Gonzalez As for them AB, Suzette, her brother and sister.

In addition to disclosing the release date Selena: The SeriesThe gushing giant leaves us dreaming of new awaits Teaser Which features the voice of Selena’s father. We hear him say to him: When you’re on stage, I always see that six-year-old singing in our backyard An indication that this first of six one-hour episodes will focus on Selena’s coming of age and the difficult choices she will have to make with her family to achieve her dream.

It’s the date December 4 on Netflix!

behind the scenes

Note: Other photos have also been revealed on the series’ official Instagram page. We see Selena, as well as her brother and sister AB and Suzette.

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