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The specter of division in the city council of Trois-Rivieres on the eve of the elections

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Last week, Chateaudun Municipal Councilor Luc Tremblay said It’s time [Cap-de-la-Madeleine] Getting all the attention it deserves. He criticized the slow progress of cases in Trois-Rivieres.

Then, in turn, Pointe de Lac Municipal Councilor François Bellil lamented on Friday, saying: The city is always centered, always the center. Realize that the city center is important. The city center is not the city. Most people don’t stay downtown […] For years, there has been a bias based on the center, he had commented.

Mayor Lamarche defended himself in front of the microphone on Monday always in the morning. The first big files I worked on were the flood files. Famous Special Intervention Zones. We worked on 996 individual files for the people of Sainte-Marthe, West of Pont Laviolette and Pointe-du-Lac, for example.

In his passage he noted the redevelopment of Boulevard Sainte-Madeleine and Robert-Bourassa Park and the paving of the Rang Saint-Charles and Boulevard Notre-Dame Ouest.

calls for unity. What’s unsettling is hearing speeches that take us back to the old movie of groups of seven, groups of six, while we’re talking about an alliance. We really have to work together on the board, he argues.

François Bellil, who has announced that he is starting his campaign for re-election, does not believe that one bloc from the east and one from the west would be detrimental to the city council if the council members’ blocs could align with the priorities.

Chancellor Luc Tremblay, who also intends to run for re-election in the municipal elections, argued that current councilors in the east of the city are working together to file as much as possible, particularly on projects such as replacing the square Jean-Guy Talbot in the Cap de la Madeleine.

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Sure that reassembly, it helpsLuke Tremblay said into a microphone always in the morning last week.

He plans to talk about the Saint-Maurice River crossing project and the municipal swimming pool in Cap de la Madeleine during the election campaign.

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