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Canac devices are storing victims of a cyber attack

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The cyber attack occurred on April 9, confirms Patrick Delaill, the company’s marketing director. Among the consequences, The central customer service system is isolated and cannot be used for more than a week, He explains via email. The bulletins and inventories were also withdrawn, as it was not possible to update them.

The failure of the systems also caused concern among customers who had purchased goods from Canac, whose orders were unable to be completed.

Although we quickly discontinued online sales, the transactions that were completed could not fully complete each other in our systems, causing confusion and anxiety for a number of customers.Delail laments.

According to our information, internal computer systems have also faced difficulties in recent weeks due to the hack.

There is no leakage indicator

If the inconvenience is significant, moreover, in mid-spring, Canac’s management believes the worst appears to have been avoided in terms of personal data, both of customers and employees. The company has 4,200 workers in 31 branches across the governorate.

So far, nothing indicates a data breachPatrick Delaille confirms. The hardware store has called a company that specializes in examining the dark web. After two weeks, no data was stolen from them.

There are costs associated with it of course, be it financial, operational, or brand reputation. In all cases, taking charge too early minimized all of these impacts.

Quote from:Patrick Delaille, Director of Marketing, Canac

According to Mr. Delaille, the company has also played luck, with some sensitive data in the system. From another eraWhich is being updated.

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The consequences of this malicious intrusion were quickly contained and had little impact on our operations. All of our teams have been working tirelessly since that day to bring our management systems to a record level.Management continues.

At the moment, our teams are busy reconnecting each customer to offer to maintain their purchases or add credit to them. This process will take several days.

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