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The smallest known black hole has been discovered and is close to us

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Just a few months ago, astronomers were still skeptical of its existence. Today they announced the discovery of one of the smallest “observed” black holes ever.

“Rhino”. This is the nickname given to it Astronomy scientists They choose to attribute to A. Black hole That they just discovered. On the other hand, because it is located in the constellation of the same name. And on the other hand, because he’s not quite like the others. It is described as one of the smallest “observed” black holes ever. Its mass does not exceed three times the mass of our sun. It is located in only 1500 Light years From our land – always in our region Milky Way He’s also one of the closest people astronomers know.

It is by studying the data available on star day Red giant Just Astronomers at The Ohio State University (United States) noticed something out of the ordinary. Distortion caused by tidal forces caused by something they cannot see that appears to be orbiting the said star. Black hole?

The problem is that the black hole in question had to be really small. Uniqueness in the universe. At least, from astronomers’ current perspective. Although for a decade they have questioned whether our technologies and methods of observation are not accurate enough to spot such miniature black holes. Or if it does not exist. Even researchers – alreadyOhio State University Publish some evidence at the end of 2019 Solid Of their presence

Too many small black holes to discover?

“We looked at it differently. Lots of people had already studied this star. But instead of rejecting the idea, we simply wondered what would happen if it really was a black hole.”Astronomer Chris Stanek says in a statement released by The Ohio State University.

Such as the moon Earth’s oceans can distort, and it produces High tide, A black hole can give a star the shape of … Tear. Wonder theory. Speed Red giantAnd the period of the orbit and how the tidal forces distort the star, then tell astronomers about the mass of its companion from the black hole. Only three times from our sun.

Astronomers now hope to be able to locate other black holes of this type. Black holes should provide them with useful data to better understand how our planet’s stars form, and how they live and die. Milky Way. “Every time we find a new black hole, it gives us an idea of ​​which stars are dying by collapsing in on themselves, exploding, or in an intermediate way.”Todd Thompson, a researcher at The Ohio State University, concludes.

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