Canada beats Haiti and gets closer to 2022

John Herdman’s men’s next step: aka the Octagon, the final round of qualifying for the CONCACAF region where he will either have to finish among the top four teams or run one final tournament with other teams drafted from other confederations.

It’s a proud moment for usThe coach said. This is the first time in 24 years that Canada has joined the octagon.

We will take advantage of this moment. But at the same time, we must remain humble because as of tomorrow our attention will be on the great mountainAdds referring to the last round. And this is a big mountain and one of the most exciting that we will have to climb, and I think the whole country will have to help us climb it.

Canada won the first leg 1-0 on Saturday So I need a win or a draw.

I invite you all to come and climb this mountain with us. Because it is already happening. we are here.

Quote from:John Herdman

The first goal in the match was a real gift. Haiti goalkeeper Jose Duverger misjudged a ball from a defender. Despite his three chances of keeping it off, the ball went into goal.

Ironically, Duverger is a Montreal native.

According to Herdmann, this bug really changed the pace of the game. It is as if the players after this goal are more relaxed. Then they are in a better position to show their talents.

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In the 73rd minute, Kyle Larren scored the second goal in two matches, in a more steady action. He beat the center backs before hitting Duverger with his right foot. Junior Howlett completed the scoring in the final moments of the match.

Milan Burgan defended the cage for Canada. Haitians only shot on goal blocked. it’s a wonderful feeling. It is a pleasure to represent this countryBurjan, who was born in Yugoslavia before arriving in Canada with his family at age 13, said. It is my pleasure to give something to this country, because this country has helped my family so much to find a better life.

The next round of duels for Canadians will take place in September against Honduras, the United States and El Salvador.

With information from CBC Sports

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