Canada delivery times to the Magdalen Islands

The carrier provides limited space for beams on aircraft. In addition, the priority remains for the passengers. Thus the packages take longer to reach the recipient. Usually, if you calculate the processing of the package, a person receives it between 24 and 48 hours.

Since the withdrawal of the Canadian Airways service to the archipelago, the amount of cargo to be transported is unmatched for Pascan Aviation. Jonathan Lapier, Mayor of the Magdalen Islands, regrets the situation: “We want Canada Post to realize that the Magdalen Islands are part of Quebec and that here, as elsewhere, we want to get our packages and letters as soon as possible.”

Now, it greatly exceeds the waiting time before receiving the usual parcel: “It is very variable depending on what you order and it may come from the place, but often, for a simple letter sent from Quebec to the islands. This can sometimes exceed seven days.” Jonathan Labier adds.

Canada Post wants Pascan Aviation to increase the number of flights to meet demand. The carrier is committed to adding a second full-time aircraft with space for parcels by the end of June.

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