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Canada has seen other countries

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“In the short term, it’s hard to quantify the specific impacts, but there are thousands of businesses, millions of jobs linked to the cross-border trade between Canada and the United States,” says Yasmine Geneti, vice president for national affairs at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.FCEI).

Find common ground

Lewis Allen, Director General of the Manitoba Municipal Economic Development Board, said:CDEM49), she thinks we are “a little doomed to continue linking together to find common ground,” especially since value chains are so integrated on both sides of the 49H Parallel.

On the other hand, Renaud Gagné doesn’t think there will be much impact on Canada, as we have just negotiated a new free trade agreement with the US, and we are its main trading partner.

The political front

For Lewis Allen, these protectionist measures are “a political façade that is not based on an economic reality.” […] The government will be very attentive to what the companies say, because it states that many companies have headquarters in both countries. “

Lewis Allen

In light of policy strengtheningBuy AmericaPerhaps the Canadian government should reconsider its general procurement policies, Renaud Gagné believes, because there is currently no action requiring Canadian content.

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