Canada Postal Stamp honors journalistic cartoonist Brian Gable

Brian Gable has given us his witty cartoons to the press every day for over 40 years, most of which have been published in Globe and Mail. With a BA in Fine Arts and Education, he produced his first animation for a student newspaper while in college. In 1977, he started drawing cartoons once a week for Brockville and The Times Recorder While teaching art in high school de brookville, employment Ontario. In 1980, he became a cartoonist for Regina Leader Post. He worked there for seven years and then joined Globe and Mail in 1987.

In his cartoons, the artist represents ordinary people and how they see the decisions made by the great leaders of this world. He regularly uses sarcasm and irony to highlight important issues facing our country and the world. During his career, he won the inaugural Canadian Cartoon Journalist contest seven times. In 2018, it was invested as a member of the Order Canada. His quote describes him as “a legend in the cartoonists community” and notes that his work “embodies our patriotic humour, that is, our ability to ridicule ourselves and our institutions.”

Canada Post unveils five stamps

Other stamps in this issue of the Canada Post pay tribute to Serge Chablo (JournalismUnveiled October 4th (Terry Mosher)Montreal Gazette, October 6), Duncan Macpherson (toronto star, 7 October) and Bruce McKinnon (Chronicle Herald8 October). Live chat with cartoonists and Ian Macpherson, son of Duncan Macpherson, online Oct 8 at 11 a.m. ET. Participation for webcasting.

Stamps and collectibles from the Caricaturistes de presse show will be sold on the website And in post offices from October 8. To see pictures of the stamps, learn more about the cartoonists, or explore other products, take a look at the following:

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  • high-definition pictures (On-line)

Available at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern time):

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About the stamp issue

The Canada Post’s latest stamp issue pays tribute to five of the country’s most prominent editorial cartoonists, whose inspiring and distinctive work has helped shape the fabric of Canadian society for 50 years. These five award-winning illustrators, each honored with their own character, are among the best journalists and storytellers in our country. Their strong designs have been a standout feature of some of the world’s most widely read and influential newspapers. Canada for decades.

Armed with pencils and ink and a sharp mind, these cartoonists illustrate complex issues in one picture and comment closely on important events both nationally and internationally. Challenging the status quo and addressing controversial issues head-on, their work has transcended politics and played an important role in defending Canadian democratic freedoms.

By drawing cartoons that tap into the sentiments of Canadians, these talented artists have made us laugh, think, and cry. They combine humor and art, educate and entertain us, as well as fueling national dialogue and lifting the veil on inequality and injustice. Canada Post is proud to honor the important contributions of these cartoonists to local media and Canadian society.

SOURCE Canada Post

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