Do you see little dots all the time? You may suffer from ‘visual snow syndrome’.


  • Visible snow syndrome worsens when you close your eyes.
  • To date, there is no curative treatment.

With the first snow falling, some people see this painting permanently superimposed on everyday photos. Doctors have long ignored this mysterious disease, and its name is now: “Visible Snow Syndrome.”

sensory disturbance

“When I first suggested we do research on this condition, my colleagues thought I was completely crazy.”, announced au Guardian Eye and Migraine Expert Professor Peter Goadsby.

Concretely, what is this eye problem? “Snow-Visual Syndrome is a form of sensory disturbance in which an individual constantly notices tiny dots throughout his or her visual field.” We can read in Article published in Nature magazine. This phenomenon was first described in 1995 but has only been described in detail in the past few years. Scholars write.

For the diagnosis to be definitively established, the patient must see small white and/or black dots superimposed on the normal images, and have at least two of these symptoms: severe sensitivity to light; Poor vision in low light. Continuation of the images we just noticed in our field of view when we turned our head.

spread unknown

The prevalence of the phenomenon is still unknown, but recent study showed that of the 1104 patients who reported having snow visual syndrome, 1061 were actually diagnosed as living with this vision problem.

The same study found that most cases of visual snow syndrome started at a young age, with 40% of those surveyed saying they’ve encountered the problem for as long as they can remember. It is also interesting to note that the incidence of migraine and tinnitus was high in patients with severe visual snow syndrome.

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