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Canada wants to expel Russia from the G20 | Fodrell Solange

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed Thursday that Ottawa, like the United States, wants to expel Russia from the Group of Twenty, a group made up of countries with more developed economies.

It makes no sense to have a discussion about global economic growth when the country responsible for so much turmoil is sitting around the table and pretending to contribute.He said as he entered the interrogation period on Thursday in Ottawa.

According to Mr Trudeau, the G20 member states should have “discussionOn expulsion from Russia, either on a permanent basis, or at the minimum for the next meeting.

I can’t see how there are leaders like me who can sit around the same table as Vladimir Putin and pretend that everything is fine“, Release.

President Putin has shownComplete lack of respect for international law and order and the welfare and sovereignty of other countries“, he added.

US President Joe Biden gave a similar speech last week in Brussels after a series of emergency NATO meetings over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Biden said he had raised the issue with other world leaders and made clear that he would prefer to remove Russia from the group, but if Indonesia or other countries did not agree, he would ask that Ukrainian leaders be allowed to participate in the talks.

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Michel Saba, The Canadian Press

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