Re-infection, influenza, and infection: what does this sixth wave have in store for us?

The virus still has a lot of energyDr. Guy Boivin of the Canadian Research Chair in Emerging Viruses says:

in an interview in Telejournal of Quebecfull professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases of the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University reminds us that COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease.

If we compare with severe acute respiratory syndrome In 2002-2003, at that time, it was transferred less often. But with COVID-19, there is viral shedding that sometimes occurs for up to 72 hours before the first symptoms appearDr. Boivin continues.

Two years after the outbreak of the epidemic, we have already passed the lifespan severe acute respiratory syndrome which was seven monthsHe remembers.

Dr. Guy Boivin is a microbiologist, infectious disease specialist at CHU de Québec and Professor of Pediatrics at Laval University School of Medicine.

Photo: Radio Canada / Pierre Alexandre Bolduc

In this context, the infection specialist indicates that reinfection with the Omicron variant is possible. What was observed in the studies is that prior to Omicron, the incidence was again 1%. Now the English language data shows ten times higher ratenotice.

Dr. Boivin specifies that re-infection occurs when a person becomes infected with the virus again, more than 90 days after the previous infection.

Starting next week, the three-month period for infected people will be exceeded during the holiday season.

Three cases of influenza in Quebec

In my 25 years in the business, I’ve never experienced this. We’re almost two seasons past the flu. But you have to be careful. Influenza activity has resumed in some countries, such as Franceexplains the infection specialist.

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He notes that recently, 11 cases of influenza were reported in Quebec, including 3 in Quebec.

There has even been talk of a case of co-infection, and for people at risk, the likelihood of infection actually increases.

Fortunately, the expert points out, there are more treatments for COVID-19. With a type of vaccine technology RNA messenger, like Moderna, companies are adapting it to arrive with new flu vaccineshe explains.

Double new cases

at An integrated university center for health and social services From Capitale-Nationale, Dr. Jacques Girard, medical assistant to the director of public health, is very cautious.

He agrees that the rise in cases – new infections doubled within ten days – combined with the fact that most health measures have now been lifted is worrisome.

It shows that we have to be careful. It is very much a matter of making an effort as residents. If we want to hold gatherings at Easter, for example, we can think about it. But the number must be reduced and basic procedures respected, such as wearing a mask and washing hands.Mentionsed.

We cannot act as if the virus is not inviting itself to these gatherings. »

Quote from Dr. Jacques Gerard

According to him, the important thing is to protect the most vulnerable people. Since then, Dr. Elise Berger-Pelletier points out, patients have had COVID-19 less severely.

There are far fewer admissions to intensive careconfirms the doctor who works as an emergency physician at Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis. The current variant, with a BA.1 and BA.2 mutation, is highly infectious, but a lower respiratory distress component is present.

Dr. Berger Pelletier identifies the most common current symptoms as: fever, cough and body aches.

So the situation in hospitals is not critical yet. But the emergency doctor still notes that the number of patients in his hospital is generally greater.

We feel that in this sixth wave, people are no longer afraid to come to the hospital to seek treatment for other diseases. Before that, at the start of the waves, we really felt the traffic drop. Currently this is not the caseargue.

With Pierre Alexandre Bolduc and Bruno Savard

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