Canada will face Sweden in the final of the World Curling Championships

Las Vegas – Canadian champion Brad Josho’s side will face Sweden in the World Curling Championship final on Sunday in Las Vegas.

In the semi-finals on Saturday night, Canada beat US captain Corey Drupkin 8-5.

Josho and teammates Mark Nichols, Brett Gallant and Jeff Walker scored two runs in the 10th game when Drupkin’s final floor was a bit tricky.

Drobkin joined Canada in the semi-finals with a 6-4 win over Scotland’s Kyle Waddell in the qualifiers early in the day at Orleans Arena.

The Gushue quartet, from St. John’s and Newfoundland and Labrador, received a direct farewell to the semi-finals after finishing top of the ring standings.

In the other semi-final, Sweden advanced to the final by defeating Italy 8-4. The quartet of captain Niklas Eden greeted another direct farewell to the semi-finals by finishing second in the standings. The Italian team led by Joel Returnaz thrashed Switzerland’s Yannick Schaller 10-4 in the playoff match.

Thus, the United States and Italy meet on Sunday morning for the bronze medal match. Then Canada and Sweden will play for the gold medal in the late afternoon.

Joshua and Eddin know each other so well that the Canadian defeated the Swede in the 2017 World Championship final. Then the following year, the Swede defeated the Canadian in the 2018 final.

Eden has won five world championship titles in addition to being an Olympic champion.

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