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Canada’s central bank releases positive report – latest news

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Is it time for Canada to start the race for central bank digital currencies (MNBCs)? Although Canada has been more cautious on the subject, another report appears to indicate this.

MNBC: Canada still hesitates a lot

this week Bank of Canada Publish an examination report Canadian MNBC Possible Cases. The author discussed “innovative and competitive arguments that could justify issuing digital currencies from a central bank.”

Also to discover: The European Central Bank (ECB) gives the green light to the digital euro.

In today’s economy, money is essentially non-cash and money is created by private banks, through the issuance of credits.

For over a year, Canada’s central bank has been talking about local MNBC: Then she prepared two programs to justify the introduction of this asset. She intended to conduct extensive consultations, but did not promise to respond to her decision.

However, the Bank of Canada seems to have done a job step forward, because during Developed by MNBCClearly, this new report belongs to the camp.” professionals He noted that if the use of cash is scarce, central bank digital currency will be specially adapted. The report also hinted at the potential for widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies:

“While cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) and stablecoins (such as Tether) have received media coverage, their use as a means of payment in Canada remains, for the time being, a novelty held by a reduced number of enthusiasts.”

Is Central Bank Digital Currency Likely Important?

The report highlights an area where MNBC can secure the Canadian economy Competition in the financial sector. According to the central bank:

“Digital currency can improve the choice available to consumers, giving them the option to store risk-free value that the bank does not hold.”

The Bank of Canada also noted that mnBC will help support the growth of the digital economy.

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Bonus: Black Rock Petroleum is partnering with OMH to prepare for the mining of one million BTC miners in Canada.

Specifically arousedit’s a The Internet of Things and Smart ContractsAnd the Which can be useful tools for The country’s economy in the future. For this reason, the report noted:

“Overall, we believe that MNBC can be useful and possibly necessary to ensure that we have a vibrant and competitive digital economy.”

Of course, no official announcement has been made yet. But this latest report from the Bank of Canada appears to lay the foundation for the future development of the digital Canadian dollar.

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