Canadian 2 – Maple Leaves 5 | “We have to get our heads out from behind.”

Let’s call it CEGEP student syndrome. You know, this tendency to wait until the day before the deadline to start the work session? Waiting until 2 am the day before (or rather exam day) to start studying?

Levranso cloudsLevranso clouds

Replace work at the end of the session with the qualifiers, and the scale applies nicely to what the Hab offers at the end of the season. This was again featured in Thursday’s 5-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leaves.

Like the students, CH players are fully aware of deadlines. Since last fall, they knew this season would be 56 games, that it would end somewhere in mid-May and that the qualifiers would come quickly.

However, they are not able to dislodge bad bends, for example a slow start to a match. And Jake Allen, who came to put out a fire in front of the network, is sick.

“It’s been a bad 20 minutes. Every team has had bad times,” recalls the goalkeeper who came in relief at Caeden Primo. Toronto is a team that will make you pay if you had a bad time. We have to play with our heads in the next game and be ready to play. ”

Like a disc that jumps

Take slow starts. This trend was present even during the last three winning streak, as the Canadian had to come in to win all of them. In their last six matches, Montreal was destroyed 9-1 in the first-period result.

Toronto’s 4-0 stumble on Thursday made that record worse. It is clear that Caeden Primo was not at the top of his form, and the two quick goals from the start had clearly undermined his confidence. It is no coincidence that Ducharme already knew, at 3-0 after 10 minutes, that he wanted to make a goal change.

But the young man was playing the fifth game in his career. It would be unfair to blame him.

On first base, Cole Caufield, less experienced than Primo, is unable to put his stick to stop Alex Galchenyuk from shooting; Joel Edmundson and Philip Danault also watch him in action.

On the second grid, Ben Chiarot, usually imperial in front of the net, plays quietly alongside John Tavares. At the third window, Pierre Ingeval let us come at full speed, and Jeff Petrie showed little conviction in trying to counter him. And in the fourth, how do we explain that the dangerous Mitch Marner had as much space in the attack zone as Pat Woodcock in the end zone during the heights of the Aloy?

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“This is not his fault. Kiarot confirmed it was our fault in defending Primo. We were flat in front of him, we did not help him. With a young goalkeeper, you have to be prepared from the start to let him rest.”

Thomas Tatar, has stressed at least three times that CH was playing a second match within 24 hours. “It’s not easy when you played the day before and the team was waiting for you here at this time of the year. They had energy. But we have to be better.”

The good news, for those who are tired of hearing this excuse, is that it won’t be helpful anymore because Al Kindy played his last two series from two matches in two nights of the season …

Reverse trends

Nothing has been put on stone yet, but with this loss, the Canadian will be hard pressed to beat the 3 planese Ranking and avoiding maple leaves in the first round.

However, if Montreal and Toronto must meet in the playoffs, the last few weeks do not bode well for CH.

The Hab has been 10-12-0 since the COVID-19 break in late March. The Worry Part: 9 out of 12 losses were scored by three or more goals.

On the contrary, the cards are 12-3-3 in the same period. Their win on Thursday was the sixth in the last seven matches.

On Thursday morning, defender Travis Dermot admitted that 1he is The standings in the northern division were Leaves’ goal, adding, “Going to the qualifiers with confidence is another of our goals. We want to feel well and play some good matches.”

There is no surefire recipe for success in the qualifiers. Blackhawks 2015 had a tough end to the season before lifting the Big Cup two months later. 2019 Lightning ended its season strong before packing himself in four matches.

There is no action to follow, but overall, we can guess the foliage will arrive in the playoffs in better conditions than CH …

in detail

Danault falls into battle

Nothing worked out in the first period for the Canadians. And when all went well … Philip Danault left the game after just 12 minutes of playing in the first half, as he was injured in the upper body. Dominic Ducharme simply said in detail: “We don’t think it can be long-term, but we’ll see, there are still things that need to be done.” So Poor Danault finished his work evening scoring – 3 in just six matches … However, the acquisition of Eric Staal was very suitable for Ducharme in this match. In fact, despite Danault’s absence, the head coach still had four positions at his disposal, having two (Stahl and Jake Evans) in his fourth streak. With the aging of Staal and Jesperi Kotkaniemi losing their bearings, the Three Center scenario would not be entirely perfect.

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Poor Anderson

Ahead of the match, Ducharme defended Josh Anderson, who is going through his first real lethargy of the season. With Wednesday night, he has no points in his last nine matches, and has been disqualified in 12 of his last 13 games. “He missed a lot of chances, starts, clear chances. As long as he keeps giving himself chances, he will start scoring goals again. It is important to note here that Anderson has not shot on target in four of the last nine matches. But today,” Ducharme said. On Wednesday, he was very visible and played exactly as Ducharme described him.Only in the first period, he had two chances: one saved by Jack Campbell, the other outside of goal.In the second-period strength match, the great Antarians got another good shot from above the penalty area. Anderson also kicked Leaves.

A young man is on trial

On March 3, the Maple Leafs scored twice in a power game in their win over the Oilers, raising their success rate to 32.5% with a 2-man advantage.e The NHL rank. Where ? Only 5 small goals in 68 attempts, with an efficiency of 7.3%. The position led Sheldon Keefe to experiment with trials, in particular by moving young Rasmus Sandin, pick 1he is A tour of The Lifes 2018, at the controls of the first unit. In doing so, veteran Morgan Reilly can support Unit Two. The Torontonians have failed on three occasions – including two minutes and five to three – but we can still see how Sandin’s sleek skating could be an asset. The Swede has a knack for hiding his intentions while skiing, which he did remarkably well during his first period climbing into the Neutral Zone.

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They said

that means alot to me. Play with great players. I’m grateful, it’s a team sport so a lot of the credit goes to the team.

Austin Matthews, scored his 40 goals in 49 games

It sounds so easy for him … he deserves our admiration. Scoring goals is tough in this league so scoring as he does is impressive.

John Tavares, Wall Aston Matthews

From the first day of training camp, he jumped on the ice and led our team. It was clear that he was ready to take his match to another level and pull the club off with him. It’s unbelievable that we’re being rewarded today. Trust me, it will not slow down.

Sheldon Cave, Wall Aston Matthews

It was my decision. It wasn’t easy for him. Meanwhile, with Carrie injured, I didn’t want to get him out in the middle of the run and send out Jake Bard and risk another injury. My decision was made in the middle of the period and I wanted him to fight until the end of the period.

Dominic Ducharme, on the withdrawal of Caeden Primo from the match

I felt good. Everything was happening quickly. I missed some games. I’m glad the first game went out of order and I hope it’s better.

Thomas Tatar, is back after five matches of absence

The series, the fact of being able to secure our place, is a noise from outside. We have to find and improve our way of playing.

Jake Allen

On the rise: Jake Allen

He was called in for reinforcements in the second period, installed the Habs and allowed them to return to the game until Auston Matthews’ lockout goal at the end of the third game.

Bottom: Jake Evans

He was enjoying his best moments of the season recently, but this time he has failed his balance in the last few matches.

Match number: 40

Already the third season of 40 goals by Aston Matthews. The stats will become very popular for him over the years but it is important to note that he scored his 40the49 for hime Season match!

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