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Canadian clubs want the Northern Division to remain in place in 2021-22

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The northern section is well understood cool, In times of pandemic. This is an opportunity to boost the rivalry between Canadian clubs, but I don’t think I’m the only one who’s really tired of facing the Vancouver Canucks. Out of 82 games, I think we’re going crazy, actually 56 games look like a lot.

However, some club owners are campaigning with the NHL to keep this division in place after the 2021 season. We want to test the product in 2021-2022, as it is believed that the money to be made will be very beneficial to the clubs and the league’s economy. No more Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal Edmonton, Toronto and Edmonton games, which can pump a lot of money into league coffers.

In the regular season, it’s clear that there will be less than ten or nine games against the same team – we’ll talk more about four or five games against each club. Less drastic, more realistic … but there are limitations.

Currently, the Northern Division is the only division with seven teams, while the other three have eight. Where do we put Seattle? You can’t have two divisions out of eight clubs, one in seven and one out of nine. What did … Quebec? No, let’s not go there.

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It will be difficult for the league to allow such a thing, simply due to the formation of divisions.

Plus, I’m not sure all Canadian formations like the idea. The Canadian enjoys visiting Bruins, Rangers, Lightning, and even Sabers.

On the calendar level, the lack of East and West complicates matters a lot.

Segments will likely return to normal in 2021-2022, and that’s okay.

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