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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Every new academic year, I am happy to see my classmates again. People have an easy smile, humor is in the spotlight, teachers room is overflowing with energy.

Let’s just say summer vacation allowed all these beautiful people to recharge their batteries. A “must,” because the school year is like a marathon. he is tall. There are times when it rolls and others when it hurts.

You have to know how to run your race if you want to cross the finish line. And when your race begins, when you are physically and mentally fit, there is a danger of starting too fast.

Battery life

Before the students arrive, teachers (or staff) are asked to take on a new project or task or participate on a committee. Currently, many teachers are enthusiastically adding additions to their regular homework.

But there is a risk in taking yourself for an Energizer Bunny.

A spontaneous “yes” in August can turn into a “why did you say yes?” nightmare. during the fall. Taking on too much responsibility and being too ambitious can lead to burnout in November.

In this regard, my colleague Hugo Laplante gave me a reading for the occasion: Not again! How to avoid overburdening yourself this year.

Whether you are a teacher or not, I invite you to read this text.

According to the author, one of the most consistent predictors of teacher attrition is the sheer number of additional tasks they do, such as serving on various committees or performing administrative tasks. These non-educational roles have only increased in recent years.

Experts say it’s important to set clear boundaries and prioritize certain tasks at the beginning of the school year to help prevent stress and burnout later.

learn to say no

Also, according to the author, the teacher should ask himself a few questions to determine if the task is worth his investment of time:

Does this obligation allow me to use my strength to help others?

Will it help my professional development?

Will accepting this obligation reduce my ability to meet my current obligations?

– What can I remove from my board before adding something new?

In addition to your thought process, it is also advisable to call a colleague who can be discussed before accepting a new job.

Teaching is a demanding profession on a human level. Teaching requires, among other things, empathy, generosity, and attention. Unsurprisingly, there are a large number of “natural caregivers” in our society.

“The main problem with teachers is that they try to please everyone all the time.” – Kitty Pointknot

To my respected colleagues, whom I would like to call in the heart volunteers, take care of yourselves!

We want to see you cross the finish line.

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