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Liberal Party cut ties with Toronto candidate | Canada elections 2021

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On closer examination, Vuong would not be a liberal candidate, and if elected, he would not be a member of the liberal caucus.Justin Trudeau said.

A decision comes a few days after the toronto star He revealed that the Liberal candidate in Spadina-Fort York had previously been charged with sexual assault, a charge that was later dropped.

The party had already asked Mr Fung to suspend his campaign on Friday.

Kevin Fong was running for former Liberal Representative Adam Vaughan.

Photo: CBC

The candidate announced this in a statement That these allegations [étaient] False And he had a fight hard when it was first introduced.

The Toronto Star’s discoveries also sparked scrutiny by the Canadian Armed Forces. Based on the information currently available, Mr. Fong, who is a military reservist, did not inform the military of the charges against him in 2019, Defense Department spokesman Danielle Le Beauthélier told CBC News.

Military personnel are required to share criminal charges with their chain of command.

seat loss

This exclusion from the party means that the Liberals will not have a candidate in this election. With the nomination process now closed, parties are not allowed to replace candidates who have withdrawn or been disqualified from the race.

This ride represents liberal candidate Adam Vaughan since its inception when the electoral map was redistributed in 2015. It is one of five regions in the GTA where the incumbent does not run for re-election.

In the absence of a candidate, the Liberal Party thus guaranteed to lose a seat on the Toronto city map, which was completely red upon dissolution.

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He is a second liberal candidate marred by longstanding allegations of sexual misconduct.

At the Kitchener Center, Raj Saini announced in early September that he was withdrawing his nomination, after a CBC investigation uncovered allegations of harassment, inappropriate language and behavior toward staff, prompting the Liberal Party once again to withdraw the nomination from its candidate.

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