Canadian Grand Prix | Sergio Perez: “I can be the world champion”

“I am here because I think I can be the world champion. That is why I wake up every morning.”

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Catherine Harvey Benard

Catherine Harvey Benard

This quote is from Sergio Perez. Meet the Red Bull driver Journalism, Wednesday evening, as part of its partnership with Patrón Tequila. Dressed in white shorts and a light blue shirt, the Mexican exuded calmness. He was quick to say he was thrilled to be back in Montreal, “one of the most special weekends of the year”.

“The fans are amazing here and there are a lot of Mexicans and Latin Americans coming in.”

The last time Canadian fans saw Perez playing at Gilles Villeneuve, he was wearing the colors of Racing Point – now called Aston Martin. He took the 12e Ranked, among others, are Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll (his colleague at the time). Suppose the image has changed.

With five podiums including winning eight Grand Prix in Monaco this season, Perez is currently ranked second among the drivers. His Red Bull teammate, defending champion Max Verstappen, is the only one who’s ahead of him. So we’re dealing with a duel between siblings at the top.

” This is it [un début de saison] Even better than I could have imagined, said the pilot, to be honest. We had some issues with our reliability, we were a little unlucky in some races, but I think we were competitive overall. »

It’s the least we can say.

big challenge

On May 22, during the Spanish Grand Prix, Perez was in front at 49e A hug when he was ordered to let Verstappen get ahead of him. “It’s not fair, but okay,” he hinted at the microphone before he ran out.

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When asked if he had any difficulty accepting the situation, the pilot said no. “I had a good conversation with the team,” he said. When asked if he would agree to do it again now that he’s in good shape in the championship race, he replied that he would trust his team “100%”. “If they ask me to do it, I will do what they tell me to do. I don’t understand why that wouldn’t make sense.”

The Mexican also claims that he and Verstappen have “a good relationship and a good level of respect for each other”. “He is clearly a very talented driver. He is able to deliver excellent races and excellent results. It is a huge challenge for me to be a teammate.”

But the fact remains that Perez wants to win. This is his ultimate goal.

If I’m here thinking I want to get second place, I should stay home instead. […] I’m here because I want to win and I think I can do it. Having that drive is what drives me. That’s why I’m here.

Sergio Perez

Perez is 32 years old. For more than 10 years he has been working in the field of Queen Motorsport. You’ve come a long way.

In 2020, he finds himself without a seat after seven years at Racing Point – formerly Force India. Two years later, he leads a large team. The Drivers’ Championship is more accessible than ever.

“I think I drive at a very high level,” he said. Maintaining that level every week and every season is what opens the door to a fight for the championship. To be in the race, to think about the championship, and the fact that all the points matter, it’s a huge challenge and a huge opportunity in my career. »

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Life has good things hidden for you, right? phylogeny.

“Sure. We always tell ourselves that we have to make the most of the opportunities we have. […] That’s what I did. Even if those years with Red Bull didn’t come to pass, I’d still be proud of what I’ve achieved in the sport because I gave it my all with what I had. »

Mexican pride

With his victory in Monaco on May 29, his third Grand Prix, Perez became the most successful Mexican driver in Formula 1 history, surpassing Pablo Rodriguez. But this means “nothing” to him.

“I don’t like comparisons with Mexicans because our country is like this. In my country, we always say: This is better, this is worse. I don’t like this. As a Mexican, I am really proud of what other people have accomplished, what I have accomplished. I don’t care if I am the best or not. The important thing is that we are all proud of each other.

“I think there is a lot of talent in my country and I would like to see the Mexican do better than me. I would feel very proud.”

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