Canadian Green Party leader evades confidence vote against her

Sources have revealed to CBC News that a vote of confidence in the leadership of Annamy Paul, leader of the Canadian Green Party, was to have been canceled within days of notice.

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The party’s federal council was scheduled to participate in the confidence vote on Tuesday, but several sources within the party itself told CBC News on Sunday that it would not go ahead.

Possible review of M.I Paul’s Green Party, which the council discussed last week, will not be held either, according to the same sources who preferred to speak on condition of anonymity.

The decision that led to the waiver of Tuesday’s vote was made after an internal arbitration process, according to one of the sources who spoke to CBC News.

The vote of confidence was initially taken at the request of the Federal Council so that Mr.I Paul dismisses a former adviser’s comments about a member of his party’s attitudes toward Israel, calling them anti-Semitic.

Thus the council urged mr.I That Paul comply with his directives or face a vote of confidence.

Conflict in the Middle East escalated in May. Green Party deputies strongly opposed a statement issued by Anami Paul, who said that it “called for a halt to the escalation and a return to dialogue condemning the rocket attacks launched by Hamas as well as the bombing by the Israeli army.” CBC News reported.

Fredericton Representative Jenica Atwin, who left the Green Party to join the Liberal Party in June, called the announcement “completely inappropriate”.

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