Researchers Create Eternal Diamond Batteries

Even if the nuclear emissions are very low greenhouse gasesOn the other hand, nuclear waste has always been troublesome. We all know it has a harmful effect on the environment, especially since we don’t know what to do with it or how to recycle it. This era appears to be ending soon as it can be used to create diamond batteries which are also called “eternal” due to their long duration.

British researchers from the University of Bristol are behind the project. By using this recycled waste, it is possible to extract electricity that will be converted into batteries. This ambitious project was named I aspire : ” Advanced self-operating sensor modules in radiation intense environments”.

Diamond battery: how does it work?

These batteries use the so-called radioactive diamond composed of betavoltaic cells. They derive their energy from Radioactive decay of beta minus particles (β−). Indeed, thanks to the disintegration of radioactive waste, this diamond will extract energy from it. This allows this waste to be given a hitherto unexpected second life. Diamond energy is generated by A semiconductor that surrounds each betavoltaic cell. Thanks to this solid chemical compound, it has become especially possible to transmit electricity in our connected devices. It works by heating. Also, when semiconductors are not excited by heat or an electrical source, they will have less energy. Use these batteries So it will be limited to devices that consume little power.

eternal pile

This is the place Carbon 14. This radioactive isotope of carbon is a pollutant produced by nuclear centers. However, it turns out that researchers have found a way to recycle it. In fact, carbon-14 would be here Converted to another form of carbon-This is a synthetic diamond. This will also contain the dangerous radiation emitted by the betavoltaic cells. Then he can issue beta particles Which will run the battery for a very long time. In addition to finding a second life for this pollutant, carbon-14 is in the form of synthetic diamonds in The ability to generate power for more than a thousand years.

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Picture of a pacemaker. Credits: Stephen Fruitsmaak/Wikimedia

However, these batteries will only be able to power small devices. With a power not exceeding that of AA batteries, these diamond batteries can be used pacemaker (also called a pacemaker). it’s work Arkenlight who will be responsible for marketing these batteries planned around 2023.

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