CAQ will present a candidate in Marie-Victorin

Prime Minister François Legault made the announcement on the first day of the CAQ General Council, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary on Sunday.

We left the week to the PQ chief to decide if he wants to run. Masturbate Into The Knob, explained Mr. Legault.

The Prime Minister was waiting for the leader of the PQ party, Paul Saint-Pierre of Blamondon, to clarify his intentions after the latter evaded the subject of his possible candidacy in front of journalists. Instead, he called on Legault’s government to call by-elections as soon as possible.

There is a tradition that, in all likelihood, a number of parties will not follow. […] We, from this point of view, have no demandIt was simply announced.

At the beginning of the week, the Liberal Party of Quebec opened the door to the idea of ​​not submitting a candidate in part to allow Saint-Pierre of Blamondon to sit in the Blue Salon, who was not elected as a member of Parliament.

PLQ said it tends to honor this parliamentary tradition by making room for a PQ leader if CAQ and Quebec Solidaire are willing to do the same.

In announcing his decision on Saturday, Prime Minister Legault remarkably justified it by the fact that Quebec Solidere decided to seek a nomination in Marie-Victorian.

To prevent voters in this city from riding the third ballot — after the federal election in September and municipal elections in November — the prime minister indicated that citizens would be called to the polls “after Christmas.”

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He added that the date had not yet been chosen.

However, by-elections must be held within six months of Catherine Fournier’s official departure, as stipulated in Article 130 of the Electoral Code.

Legault says the elections won’t advance

The prime minister took the opportunity to silence rumors that the government would call for provincial elections ahead of schedule.

We have a law, we made it clear that we have a fixed date for elections, He said.

The day before, the Ethics Commissioner announced an investigation into an email inadvertently sent to the offices of other parties’ MPs, in which the CAQ detailed how the ads were made in the media.

The document called on employees to present their plan no later than February 15, a date that did not fail to cast doubt on the ranks of the opposition parties.

The next general election will be held in early October 2022François Legault decided.

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