Cardillac. Massive show in village hall after gathering

An abnormal number of Covid cases have been identified in the town of Cardaillac in recent days. Even if the numbers remain relatively low, doctors and nurses in the sector have been alerted. The various demonstrations that took place recently in Kardillac undoubtedly supported the spread and spread of the virus. All of these meetings are fully publicized and licensed.

The procedure was started at Cardillac Town Hall, the Regional Health Agency (ARS), and health professionals. This was moved in the territory by the municipality of Cardillac around Mayor Sophie Picard and with the help of the liberal nurses from Cardillac and VigĂ©ac. The province continued in this direction yesterday morning. Already in the morning, residents largely responded to the call for screening. Note the exemplary mobilization of elected municipal officials, nurses, doctors’ offices at Cardillac, and volunteers.

Everyone is very hopeful that these quick measures will help contain the potential spread of the virus. A wake-up call is being sent to everyone regarding local events planned in the near future. As for the tourist life of the medieval city of Kardelak, it continues at a promising season rate despite the hesitant weather. (See also page 20)

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