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Career Fair and Continuing Education | Job fair and labor shortage

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Webtech’s Order Preparation Center has 100 jobs that must be filled within 30 days, by Black Friday, the day consumers take advantage of retailer discounts in droves to start their Christmas shopping or console purchases. The highly sought after game.

Isabel MassetIsabel Masset

“Whether we find it or not, Black Friday is not going to change history! Marie-Claude Vachon, head of human resources for the company, recently opened its new center in St. Hubert. It is a huge mandate.”

WIPTEC, qui travaille auprès des détaillants pour leurs stocks en magasin et leur commerce en ligne, dénichera-t-il ses futurs employés alors qu’il participe au Salon de l’emploi et de la Mont continue formation, au Palais des congrè Wed and thursday? We will not find day laborers or forklift drivers. For such situations, we will go to the field, to the Longueuil metro, for example, Marie-Claude Fashion trusts. We participate in the show for the sake of vision. It’s all about filling jobs. We have to spread and diversify our methods and constantly ask ourselves. Do we also advertise on the radio? TikTok videos? “

Aliments Asta, a food processing plant and slaughterhouse for pigs in Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, adopts the same strategy in terms of supply. “In order to show up…and try to hire,” says HR consultant Isabel Julien, who met at the company’s 50-position booth. This is a lot, but it is normal in the current context. “

Photo of Andrej Ivanov, special collaboration

Isabel Julien, HR Consultant at Asta Foods, Saint-Alexandre de Kamouraska

The Employment and Continuing Education Fair opened Wednesday, in a hybrid format (the virtual component will take place on November 3 and 4), having been held exclusively in virtual mode in 2020. This, while there are approximately 195,000 vacancies in Quebec. “This offer is almost out of stock, it’s rare,” promoter Eric Boett says. There is the effect of labor shortages, of the economy going at full speed. “

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This year, the show has 200 live exhibitors and 80 virtual exhibitors. “Some do both,” Eric Boett says. The default allows employers from all regions of Quebec to participate. “

All vacancies in Canada you can find on Jooble. Exhibitors have 9,000 job opportunities to offer. In 2020, there were 215 exhibitors for 7,000 positions. Again this year, in addition to storied jobs, employers are looking for a lot of people in the IT field. That most exhibitors Journalism Met on Wednesday hope to recruit very quickly. “Companies reject contracts due to a shortage of people,” recalls Mathieu Charbonneau, general manager of CargoM (Metropolitan Logistics and Transportation Group in Montreal).

Photo of Andrej Ivanov, special collaboration

Eric Potet, Career Event Promoter

The fair opened as the Canada Emergency Benefit Programs (CEP) and Canada Economic Recovery Benefits (CEP) had just ended. Eric Potet thinks this may have an impact on passenger numbers. “However, we can help fill certain positions, but for the employer, we are one tool, not a miracle solution,” he notes. There is more strategic thinking that a recruiter must have. “

Also present at the fair is Philip Langlois, an instructor of precision sheet metal at CIMME’s Center for Integrated Mechanics, Metallurgy and Electricity, in LaSalle borough. It is difficult to interest young people. Phenylketonuria also prevented them from going to school. “

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