Carlos Leto will leave politics

He says he is keeping a promise to his wife in 2014.

The active policy has been terminated. My wife and I have only committed two terms to the service. »

Quote from Carlos Letao, member of the Liberal Party of Quebec

The member adds that his decision was made a long time ago.

Nevertheless, he intends to continue to participate in the political debate, first by contributing to the development of the electoral program of the Liberal Party, and then by commenting on current events.

In the National Assembly, there is a more formal framework, and outside, there are more things I can sayAnd he admits this, which means that he wishes to restore a certain amount of freedom of expression.

Minister of austerity?

Carlos Letao served as finance minister for just over four years, between 2014 and 2018, a period of austerity or budget rigor, depending on the point of view.

I am very proud of the work we have done. »

Quote from Carlos Letao

Unsurprisingly, the former minister prefers the term “strictness”. I would say that I was the minister of rigor to correct and restore order to public finances. We left Quebec well-equipped to deal with the epidemicHe says.

It also defends the decisions taken at that time, in particular the reform of some structures in the health network as well as the creation of integrated health and social services centers (CISSS), and comprehensive reform main and necessaryaccording to him.

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big regret

Carlos Letao’s main regret is his inability to lead tax reform.

In 2015, a Godbout report proposed lowering taxes for Quebecers and increasing tariffs and taxes. Evidenceaccording to the former minister, but he failed, because he failed to persuade the opposition parties to move forward.

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