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Carpenter Affair: Genevieve Gilbolt returns the ball to the square

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Hunted by the opposition, Genevieve Gilbolt dodged a barrage of questions about it and instead threw the ball back at the regional police force, which finally broke its silence on Tuesday.

I answer part of the questions about government responsibility, but Seriette de Quebec He is in the best position to answer everything related to the organization of work, investigation structure, investigation techniques, etc. Rep. Jean Roussel, spokesman for the Liberal Road Safety Party, responded.

For its part, the Quebec secretariat did not want to comment on the failures of the search process highlighted by the reportInvestigationbecause she believes she has already made herself clear about it during the investigation conducted by attorney Sophie Regner and because there is always the possibility of legal action in this case.

Despite the abolition of permanent emergency units in 2019, the police force still retains power Ensure public safety throughout Quebec.

At no time will I be told that there are not enough people in the Sûreté du Québec to do the tasks we have to do. All files are different from each other and evolve over time, according to different criteria, whether it is information found in workplaces, information from the public, information received from families, or the contribution of our specialistsCommunications Director Patrice Cardinal said.

Chief Inspector Patrice Cardinal, Director of Communications and International Relations at the Sûreté du Québec, in an interview with Radio Canada (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada / screenshot

However, a spokesperson for the Sûreté du Québec admitted that these same numbers are sometimes lowered at certain sensitive times of the year.

Of course there are times of the year, summer periods, which means there are probably a few people available. »

Quote from Patrice Cardinal, Director of Communications at Sûreté du Québec

Two debriefing sessions – one operational and one operational – followed the Carpentier research process. Patrice Cardinal says lessons have been learned. Since then, after questioning by Radio Canada, the Sûreté du Québec has appointed a third coordinator of research. A research plan from the 1970s is also under review.

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During the development of the implementation of the new structure, there have been changes at the decision level, including one in the last year and a half, where the DMU was originally [Direction des mesures d’urgence] Road safety was under the same management. We made the decision to split these two departments to ensure full responsibility for our state, because when we got caught up in the emergency procedures, the decision-making in terms of road safety was pushed aside.Communications Director said Seriette de Quebec.

A woman in glasses and braided hair listens attentively to someone talking to her.

I’m Sophie Regner, coroner (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada

Forensic pathologist Sophie Regnier’s report on the events at Saint-Apollinaire makes no mention of the search or reform process that preceded it. However, the Quebec Secretariat considers the report satisfactory. I think she realized the investigation she had to doDown with Patrice Cardinal.

These missing pieces, raised by a reportInvestigationHer analysis was shared with the coroner’s office.

The Office of Forensic Medicine takes note of the questions raised after the broadcast of the report from the Enquête . programme on the Carpentier case. We will carefully analyze these questions and allegations and will position ourselves as soon as possible towards the course of action to be taken under the circumstances. »

Quote from coroner’s office

General investigation request

Opposition spokespersons for Public Security in the National Assembly Jean Roussell (PLQ) and Sol Zanetti (QS) are calling for a public inquiry into the matter in order to shed full light on the circumstances surrounding the search for young carpenters. A request rejected by Minister Genevieve Gilbolt.

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There have been investigations, there are three general forensic reports, with general recommendations, and 12-page reports with full details of the causes of the circumstances of the deaths. […] The details are there. The important thing is to follow the recommendationsshe said, adding that she was already working with Seriette de Quebec We will have an announcement soon.

Sol Zanetti, MP for Jean Lesage

Sol Zanetti, MP for Jean Lesage

Photo: Radio Canada

The supporting representative did not clarify the inadmissibility of the Minister of Public Security.

Logistics chaos, lack of preparation, confusion over teams on the ground: the list of mistakes committed is long, and not all highlights the failure of this process. We can’t go back in time, we can’t change what happened, but we can avoid other tragedies. I ask the Minister to reconsider her decision and order a public investigationSol Zanetti said.

On the Sûreté du Québec side, we want the public to know that all police officers want the best possible result during their searches.

All cops had this goalDirector of Communications Patrice Cardinal reassured.

With information from Marie-Pierre Bouchard

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