Maskarat Falls: ‘Quebecers don’t have to pay for this mess’

The two parties, first at the federal level and the second at the provincial level, accuse Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of favoring an Atlantic boycott, denouncing in the same terms that: unfair competition towards Quebec.

But the government of François Legault did not go that way.

By launching this project, the Newfoundland government made no secret even that its goal was to harm Quebec, bypass Quebec territory and compete with Hydro-Quebec in export markets.Like the United States, Block Quebecoa Natural Resources spokesperson Mario Simard supported it in a press release published on Wednesday, a few hours after the federal government’s announcement.

On the eve of a possible call for a federal election, Jonquière member has also accused Justin Trudeau of buy votes in Newfoundland and Labrador.

At the same time, the Canadian Prime Minister criticized theto swallow 5.2 billion dollars in Bottom Well.

Since the power project was announced in 2010, cost estimates for the hydroelectric dam and power transmission infrastructure have more than doubled, from $6.2 billion to $13.1 billion, according to the latest estimate, in September 2020 by energy company Nalcor that oversaw the project.

Quebecers don’t have to pay for this messMr. Simard criticized. Saving a harmful project in Quebec with our money He is Really scandalous!

Federal aid, now 13.1 billion, has so far taken the form of loan guarantees. The first was given by the Conservative government to Stephen Harper, and the second by the Liberal government to his successor. Ahead of the deal’s announcement on Wednesday, Ottawa secured Newfoundland debt related to the project of up to $7.9 billion.

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The National Assembly unanimously condemned federal participation in the project twice, in 2011 and then in 2012.

This new interference in energy development is unacceptableQuebec’s Liberal Party leader, Dominique Engled, also rebelled on Twitter.

Quebec has been able to develop its own hydropower using its own resources, without federal financial assistance. […] This decision creates significant inequality between the provinces.

Quote from:Dominique Angliad, leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec

This ad Quebec gives a very bad signal, as an election campaign takes shape in Ottawa, I noticed.

The Liberal leader called on the Prime Minister of Quebec, François Legault, to intervene quickly to defend the interests of the province.

A message echoed by the spokesperson for Training in Energy and Natural Resources, Pierre Arcand.

The Caquist government was committed to ensuring that Quebec became a battery for eastern North America. So why stand idly by while the federal government and the government of Newfoundland and Labrador come together to provide unfair competition to Hydro-Quebec?wrote on Twitter.

Comprehensive Quebec, Solidarity Ottawa

But François Legault’s government did not criticize Ottawa’s intervention.

In 2012, the Avenir Quebec coalition, then in opposition, voted in favor of the resolution condemning federal aid to the Newfoundland Project, like other parties.

Newfoundland is facing extraordinary financial difficulties that require federal assistanceThe Prime Minister’s Office responded in a statement sent this evening to Radio Canada.

Their request for help in Ottawa is understandable in this context to avoid significant financial repercussions for their fellow citizens.

Quote from:Excerpt from a statement issued by the office of Prime Minister François Legault

Quebec He wants to work with Newfoundland to decarbonize the country, said a spokesman for the government, Francois Legault, stressing that the government is insistent in its intention to see the boycott The North American battery has become eastern.

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The Trudeau government has signaled its intention to send a lifeline to Newfoundland and Labrador in February 2020 by announcing negotiations on financial restructuring Hydropower projects in the province.

Then Quebec’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Jonathan Julien, claimed that it is springy, while he said he understood Ottawa’s intention.

At a press conference, Mr Trudeau assured his decision would be well received, even in Quebec.

I think Kickers, like all Canadians, understand how important it is to help each other out and learn about the challenges we have to be there for each other., did he say.

Everything must We look forward to seeing a future with more clean energyThe prime minister argued.

Trudeau, whose party elected six out of seven MPs in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2019, said federal funding Ensuring the financial feasibility of the project while protecting citizens from large increases in electricity.

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