Cartoons: Raise awareness and change your mind

Infinite world (Dargood)
Screenplay: Jean-Marc Jankovici, Christophe Blaine
Drawing: Christoph Blaine
196 pages

Christoph Blaine is an experienced comic book author. Jan Marc Jankovici specializes in energy issues and their impact on climate. Infinite world It is the result of their meeting.

The comic tackles the climate crisis directly by putting energy at the center of the reversal. Economic, social and human factors are not excluded. The analysis of the situation presented in the drawing is realistic and supported by many concrete examples.

Two pages of the comedy “Infinite World”.

Photo: Dargood/Blain-Jankovici

The book is very well written. There is a nice balance between drawing, numbers and statistics. The concept of greenhouse gas emissions is well explained, and after reading it is easy to compare the carbon footprint of different energies.

The statement is accurate. Everything is not black, even if the image is very dark. Infinite world Leads to possible solutions for efficient transmission.

Jan Marc Jankovici is neither in denial nor in blind activism. He understands that getting rid of the current comforts of citizens of developed countries is a huge challenge and that it is impossible to go back to the days of the windmill. He does not hesitate to stress that renewable energies are not environmentally friendly and that nuclear energy is not scary.

The illustration by Christoph Blaine is easy to read with clever humor.

Despite the urgency of the situation, the comic avoids being ethical. It really makes you want to get your hands dirty to tackle climate change.

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Reading should be mandatory, or at least highly recommended.

MacGuffin & Allan Smithee – Paloma Mi Amore (stair versions)
Screenplay: Michel Viau
Drawing: Ghislaine Dugway
64 pages

Special Agents MacGuffin and Alan Smithee return on a new mission. The S6 duo, the Division for Secret Services and supranational security, find themselves in the United States, in the fall of 1967, to investigate a mysterious disappearance in the course of a pigeon race.

MacGuffin and Alan Smithee’s fourth adventure returns with the dynamics of the two main characters. This new mission takes them to the four corners of the planet, giving the comics the character of James Bond. This world tour offers the designer the opportunity to indulge in rich and varied settings.

In the three chests, we see the two agents, very elegantly dressed, receiving a call from their boss.

Excerpt from Agents MacGuffin & Alan Smithee’s Fourth Adventure.

Photo: Drawer Editions / Duguay-Viau

The album is full of fun references. The soundtrack immerses the reader musically in the late 1960s. Alan Smith immerses himself in Latin quotes, reminiscent of a certain piracy in the Asterix comics. There are also nods to Tintin and a world Looney Tunes.

Even if the two agents live like other missions MISSION Expo 67And big flower process And summer of loveThe story contains enough context to read this new volume without losing sight of it.

Paloma Mi Amore It reads like watching an action movie.

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