Celebrate Canadian Film Day on Netflix: 21 new titles to discover! →

Grab a bag of ketchup chips and a can of Canada Dry and celebrate Canadian Film Day on Netflix!

Starting today, you can watch more Canadian movies on Netflix. In fact, to celebrate Canadian Film Day, subscribers in Canada can now access 21 new Canadian films.

In addition, all these films will now be available in our new collectionCelebrating Canadian Cinema. This collection includes over 100 films written, directed, and performed by some of your favorite Canadian artists. Get tissue paper ready by watching unforgettable movies like Flora Café And away from herLaugh with her Good Cop, Bad Cop And Starbucks Or discover our new titles, including art of stealing And Doctor taxi fare.

You do not know where to start? Watch this video and hear suggestions from some of your fellow countrymen who have distinguished themselves on our platform: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Robbie Amell, Marie-Évelyne Lessard and Shamier Anderson.

Here are the movies newly available on Netflix Canada, starting today:

  • Outside of earth

  • Doctor taxi fare

  • hollow in the ground

  • the enemy

  • grizzly

  • And if ever

  • Modi

  • past road

  • seven days

  • What a delusion, Pete Tong!

  • Brooklyn

  • The legend of Sarila

  • love story

  • lie with me

  • water

  • Pompeii

  • The stories we tell

  • to remember

  • Bollywood Hollywood

  • denounce

  • art of stealing

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