CF Montreal looks forward to 2022 with optimism

This team, made up of many new players, had to overcome many obstacles, starting with many months away from home at the start of the campaign. When he returned to Montreal, it was announced that assistant coach Jason de Tullio had brain cancer.

There were also those tensions with supporters and the departure of President Kevin Gilmore.

Given the difficulties they had to face, the players of CF Montreal gave a positive assessment of this most amazing season.

We were 27th out of 27 at the start of the year. We were able to silence many people to prove that they may not have seen us in the right way. Most players will return. The substance is good and the return of Wilfried Nancy will allow us to continue to build on what we have worked on this year.Midfielder Samuel Peet said:

Even if this season ended well with winning the Canadian Championship, CF Montreal would have failed to qualify for the playoffs. Sporting director Olivier Renard believes, however, that his club deserves a better fate.

I am very happy with my work Work crew and Nancy Wilfried in particular. He helped a lot of young players to develop, and he made progress for the team, but at the same time, I am disappointed, because I am convinced that with the current team, we would have made the playoffs. Maybe we deserved more in the playoffs than winning the Canadian Cup. If we don’t qualify, it’s all our fault, confirmed.

Camacho’s end

Olivier Renard has confirmed that he has full confidence in the group already in place and that there will be no major changes as was the case last year. But he indicated that defender Rudi Camacho, the team’s best defensive player of the year, will not return next year.

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We made him an offer several months ago, and he was turned down and I respect that. I hope he finds the contract he wants to sign. For our part, we were open to keeping Rudy, we don’t have a deal and that’s life, that’s how it is, It is to explain.

Olivier Renard does not close the door to the search for new players, but his main goal will be to strengthen the defensive line. Already, the arrival of 21-year-old central defender Gabriele Corbo will be confirmed in the coming days. The Italian, who arrived from Bologna, is already in Montreal a few weeks ago.

My philosophy does not change. I don’t want a big player on the field. I want a team on the groundSports Director fired.

It was this philosophy that convinced him to bring in Djordje Mihajlovic, while many questioned the skills of the young player. His decision paid off: the 23-year-old midfielder was named the club’s player of the season.

I was asked if I was sure to spend a lot of money on it. I admit I was sure he would be the new important player for the team. He did not have the status of a particular player with a big name.

The ingenuity of Mihajlovic did not go unnoticed. Several rumors are already being sent to Europe, a project that does not leave the main interested party indifferent.

I never hid that my goal was to go to Europe. When the time comes, we’ll see, but for now, I’m a player from Montreal. My goal is to rest and prepare for the Champions League next yearDjurji Mihajlovic said.

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Without naming names, Olivier Renard confirmed that several teams have shown regular interest in some of his players. Should one of them be sold to another team in the coming weeks, the sporting director is confident he will be able to find solutions internally.

At the moment, Djorgi Mihajlovic will leave for Italy with Ismail Kony and Reza Zuhair. The three players will go to training for a few weeks with FC Bologna.

Vacations will be short for other players. CF Montreal will continue its journey in the CONCACAF Champions League from mid-February.

Until then, all that remains is to find a new boss for this team, a position that has been vacant since the departure of Kevin Gilmore.

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