CH coaches wanted to name Corey Perry as captain last summer

Although Corey Berry has only passed through Montreal, his one season with the team will make him a fan favorite. Obviously, even though Perry is no longer in his golden years, he has wonderfully transformed into a supportive player who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for his team.

It does not hesitate to look for trouble of course.

But Perry was loved not only by fans: he was also loved. Much In the team’s locker room. In particular, he was part of a small group of veterans who offered Speech While CH was 1-3 behind in his series against the Maple Leafs.

However, coaches seem to have been involved in that too very Much respect, while according to Martin Leclerc, Dominique Ducharme and his group intended to present the captain’s title to Perry before the start of the 2021-22 season.

This is what Leclerc revealed during the Tellement hockey podcast.

Indeed, according to Leclerc, Ducharme and his aides had hoped to see Marc Bergiveen retain Berry’s services for another two or three years. Had that been the case, Perry would have taken over from Shea Weber and would have had a C on his shirt all season.

However, we know TRUE History: Perry instead signed a two-year contract with Tampa Bay.

The other advantage of such a decision is that Perry could have taken the role for a few years before the youngster on the team (read Nick Suzuki) was ready to become captain. This could have been CH’s plan if Perry had come back.

This leads me to wonder if the idea of ​​a transitional captain will still be considered this summer. Obviously Nick Suzuki has another year behind the tie and looks like a good candidate, but Joel Edmondson is also a good candidate and could fill that role for two or three years before passing the torch to Suzuki. This is my opinion at least.

However, one wonders what would have happened if Perry had decided to stay in Montreal and become the captain. The team has missed a lot of leadership this season and obviously not much, for example.

Many of

– It would also be my target (and bonus points for Anthony Martineau for referring to Bob Bisonette).

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– I think so too.

– Notice to interested parties.

– interesting.

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