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Chartwell, nursing homes: discover all the advantages of this living environment!

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Retirees residences are stimulating and exciting places to live! If you are still hesitant to relocate, make a simple visit to Chartwell, nursing homeHe will convince you quickly! You will charm this dynamic and safe living environment where everything becomes easy.

Moving from a home or apartment to a nursing home can be challenging. This big change comes with its share of ideas and questions.

When considering a new place to live, start by making a list of your needs and preferences in life. Looking for a balance between activities and quiet times to fill your day? Would you like to live in a building that is safe and well organized in terms of the services provided? Would you be happier in a place where you can socialize whenever you want?

All these ways of thinking can guide you in making the right decision. Chartwell also offers you all the support and expertise you need to best guide you to the best option for your needs. Here are some of the benefits of living in residence in Chartwell.

Debunking accomodation myths

No more prejudices about nursing homes! At Chartwell, the proposed lifestyle takes on the air from hotel life…with more on-site security, support and care! After all, who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re on vacation every day of their lives?

First, it is a mistake to think that resident retirees lose their freedom or decision-making power. They are completely free to come and go and decide when and with whom they want to do the activities. All that matters is peace of mind!

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Next, get rid of the preconceived notion that the atmosphere is boring and silent. exactly the contrary, At Chartwell ResidencesThe atmosphere is friendly and cheerful thanks to the many fun and leisure activities and activities that are offered. Also, special outings are organized for those who wish.

Finally, the age of the population varies a lot and more and more retirees are choosing to live in a dwelling not because they lose their independence, but because they seek to break the feeling of loneliness, revitalize and simplify their daily lives. Admit that not worrying about preparing meals or cleaning is a tempting lifestyle!

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Advantages of living in a dwelling

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Demystifying the most common preconceptions about dorm living.

The fun of sharing beautiful moments

Retirement brings a lot of freedom, but in some cases a little loneliness. However, humans need to connect with others. Living in an apartment allows you to enrich your social life. Not only by having other retirees under one roof, but also through creative and safe activities you can do like gardening, fitness classes, mind exercises or happy hour.

For example, the Chartwell Greenfield Park residence, designed to meet the need for proximity to various services for Longueuil residents, offers many common areas, airy spaces and decor inspired by the leisure aspects of retirement life.

Thanks to the dedicated and committed staff, many activities are held there every day, which refresh the daily life of the residents. Whether it is to celebrate their birthdays or to celebrate their second year of residence, all reasons are good to keep them entertained!

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But do not be afraid! Group life does not mean always being in a state of activity: when a resident needs time to themselves, it is easy for them to return to their comfortable apartments or find a quieter corner in the many common areas.

Discover the essential role of socialization in the well-being of retirees

Living in a safe environment

Nearly 30% of Canadians provide free carer care for an elderly family member. Although they do it with love, it takes energy and time. If you are a caregiver, feel free to visit the Chartwell residence; You will see how the well-being of every retiree is the priority of employees, day and night.

Moreover, it is not uncommon to see an improvement in the physical health of the population due to the healthy and balanced meals being served, or even easier access to physical activities. Their families also notice positive implications for their mental health: feeling safe and knowing that all of our needs have been met brings beneficial relief to the residents. A feeling that caregivers also share!

In these turbulent times, it is important to stress that Chartwell Residences Safe places: All residents and staff are prioritized for immunization. Additional disinfection measures have also been introduced to ensure a healthy environment.

Focus on wellbeing by staying active in a safe environment

Focus on wellbeing by staying active in a safe environment


Does this kind of life appeal to you? Visit the residence Chartwell. You and your loved ones deserve a simpler, more stimulating, and safer life!

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