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Canadian Conservative Party leadership | Poilievre’s team casts doubt on the true conservative values ​​of Charest

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(Ottawa) A Montreal Conservative senator teaming up with Pierre Boliever in the party leadership race describes Jean Charest as a “conservative fit” who won the support of a potential candidate on Monday.

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Stephanie Taylor
Canadian Press

Leo Husakos campaigned on the ground for Jean Charest in 1993, during the race for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party after the departure of Brian Mulroney. Mr. Charst came second only to Kim Campbell, but was elected leader shortly afterwards, in 1995.

But Leo Husakos, who was appointed to the Senate by Stephen Harper in 2009, now believes Jean Charest is a man of the past.

Mr Poilievre’s campaign team’s efforts to question the conservative values ​​of a potential rival come before Mr Charest formally announces his candidacy.

The former Liberal prime minister of Quebec last week met in Ottawa with about forty conservative senators and representatives to take the water temperature. He told reporters he was waiting to hear the terms of the driving contest before making a final decision.

Candidates have until April 19 to announce their intent and until June 3 to submit their applications for membership. His supporters are already working on a campaign, in anticipation.

Quebec Member of Parliament Alan Rice recently sent an email to potential Quebec volunteers and organizers asking them to attend virtual meetings starting this week to discuss campaign operations on the ground. The Canadian Press has obtained copies of these emails.

In his campaign, Mr. Charst can count on the support of political commentator Tasha Khairuddin. She revealed Monday evening that, having considered running for the party’s leadership, she is instead lining up at the former prime minister’s camp in Quebec.

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I ask you to join me in supporting the candidate who can best unite the party and win the election, Your Honor. Jean J. Charest,” wrote Khair El-Din on Twitter.

Mr. Charst shares my vision for a united party that speaks to all regions of the country, is inclusive and focuses on the future. A party with a vision of the economy, energy and environment can win in the West, in 905 and in Quebec. »

displayed play power on CTV on Monday nightsme Khairuddin said Mr. Charst was among hundreds of conservatives she spoke to, and that she believed that had she campaigned, they would have tried to tap into the same circles of support.

Earlier in the day Mr Poilievre, the only declared candidate in that race, criticized on social media Mr Charest, who, like Justin Trudeau, supports, and denounced, “carbon taxes”.

Mr Charest, when he was prime minister of Quebec, inaugurated a system of cap-and-trade greenhouse gas emissions (“carbon trading”). He hasn’t responded directly to Poilievre’s team stings yet.

Quebec MP Gerard Deltel, who wants Charest to enter the race, spoke of a normal political game under the circumstances.

Mr Hosakos said on Monday that what he and others were saying was simply in the public domain. Last week in Regina, Polifri described the attacks as “honest disagreements” in politics.

Mr. Poelivary, MP for Carleton, south of Ottawa, is scheduled to travel to Toronto this week to meet with representatives of the cultural communities.

Others likely to run in the race are Ontario Representatives Leslyn Lewis and Scott Aitchison, as well as Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, Ontario Independent MP Roman Baber and former Conservative MP Leona Aleslev.

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