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cheerful ! Less than 24 hours after the release, a player actually broke his TV while playing Nintendo Switch Sports – Nintendo Switch

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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We shouldn’t laugh but it’s hard to hold back when we spot this video of the player in the middle of it Stream dedicated to Nintendo Switch Sports He blasts his screen with a Joy-Con that’s already gone all over the world! And yes, a pity he did not consider it useful To attach the Joy-Con to its wrist, Nintendo advises… Result: his screen shattered. but the streamer the name of the thing 63 men He can console himself for having just achieved the feat of officially becoming the first player to destroy his TV while playing. Nintendo Switch Sports less than 24 hours distance its official release. And then, perhaps, Nintendo will thank him or even show him a new screen because we’re sure the little video of the crash he’s shared since (which you can discover below) will have far more impact than any warning. .

Reminder, Nintendo Switch Sports Available in Nintendo Switch from April 29, 2022. For more details see Our customized news And Our full test.

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