Chile is also submitting an appeal to FIFA

Algeria is not the only one to have asserted its right to appeal to FIFA in the context of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Chile, through the vote of its federation, on Thursday, filed an appeal with FIFA against Ecuador accused of a crime. Submit an ineligible player during a qualifying match between the two choices.

Certainly, qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar will not be easy. On almost every continent, strong criticisms are leveled, staggering eliminations occur and appeals are made after often improbable scenarios.

If it was clear that Algeria was in the center of attention after its application against Bakary Gassama arbitration during the meeting he opposed it against Cameroon, Egypt has also submitted an appeal against Senegal for a variety of reasons. It relates to the hostile reception enjoyed by the Pharaohs in Dakar.

Those two appeals, which are still awaiting a decision, now see a staggering third file added to the pile of applications submitted to the FIFA office. Chile, one of the major countries in football in Latin America, was eliminated by taking the seventh place (a unique team system that allows a choice between the countries of South America).

However, the Chilean Football Association did not lose hope of being present in Qatar. In question, the choice of player Byron Castillo with Ecuador … while the latter will be of Colombian nationality. If the facts are established, Ecuador will be eliminated from the world and Chile will qualify thanks to the points carryover.


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