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China: Foxconn factory area remodeled, iPhone 14 production under pressure

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With very good quarterly results driven by the success of the iPhone 13, Apple wants to put the rubber on the iPhone 14 production. Unfortunately, as the brand seeks to run its production line at full speed for its future smartphone, the situation is fluctuating in China on the side of Foxconn, one of the major manufacturers For Apple Logistics Engineering.

After Covid-19 cases surge in Zhengzhou, The municipality has ordered a new confinement until at least Tuesday 10 May. Unfortunate timing for Foxconn, which announced a few days ago that it would boost its hiring to meet Apple’s requirements. The company announced that it would freeze its new hires.until a further notice“.

Difficulties piling up

The factory responsible for producing 60 to 80% of the world’s iPhones operates inClosed circle‘With the staff confined to the site. So According to an official spokespersonFoxconn hasIt kept its production at an unchanged level“The hiring of new chiefs in order to speed up the pace appears to have been compromised. A pebble in the shoe of Apple, which has been precisely relying on an increase in production of its iPhone 14.

This Foxconn shutdown follows a similar situation in Shanghai, Where many Apple subcontractors are slowing down. Even by implementing drastic measures, Foxconn could see its production capacity decrease, if only for logistical reasons. Import and export of equipment is subject to strict sanitary regulations which may slow down the flow of ingredients. Thus, the iPhone 14 release date or the stock available at launch may fluctuate depending on whether the situation is getting better or worse.

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Right now, Apple hasn’t announced any delays compared to its usual September launch period, but while presenting its quarterly results, the company admitted that these kinds of difficulties could cost it $4-8 billion over 2022. It remains to be seen if These concerns were related to the launch of the iPhone 14.

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