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Choreographer Pierre Paul Savoy passed away

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PPS Danse’s technical director and founder, Pierre Paul Savoy, passed away on Sunday. The 66-year-old choreographer has been fighting cancer for 2 years.

“He was still in good shape for three weeks. He suddenly deteriorated, he’s weak in recent days. At least he’s at home, surrounded by loved ones, when we left,” says PPS Danse’s broadcast agent, Jeanette Verland, who was a friend of Pierre’s Paul Savoy for over 30 years.

The choreographer and director trained at Concordia University. He took his first steps by forming a duet with Jeff Hall, with whom he had created, in 1989, PPS Danse. the prison It remains their most famous show. It was acquired in 2015 to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary.

During his career, Pierre Paul Savoy has always shown great diversity, creating a lot for theater such as cinema or television. He has worked with many major theater, music, and circus institutions and collaborated with big names, such as Luc Plamondon and Claude Boycean, or Michel Limeau and Victor Bellon.

He has also directed several high-profile shows, including Flesh Love Mess / Leo Ferre And the Lhasa dance.

Mrs. Ferland describes him as an exceptional person, extremely passionate and hardworking. To the end, he devoted himself to his work and went on to direct the majority of the company’s products. “He couldn’t stop, his heart was beating for creativity and dancing. He really wanted to make this system available to everyone, to the general public, but also to the young crowd.” It was his hobby, and it worked, Ms Ferland said.

Until recently, the choreographer structured an international network for the young dance audience, Young Dance Network. Previously, he was heavily involved in this field, particularly in the areas of defense, promotion and conditions for practicing the profession. From 1999 to 2004, he was President of the Regroupement québécois de la danse.

His career has been rewarded and shared many times. In 2004, he was awarded the Attitude Prize, awarded by the Quebec East Show Organizers Network, the RIDEAU Hommage Prize in 2008 and the Montreal City of Cultural Work Award in 2015.

Pierre-Paul Savoy survived her husband, Arnold, and her family, as well as her friends and collaborators.

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