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Elon Musk asks a question on a job interview to find liars

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Elon Musk, president of Tesla and SpaceX, says he always asks the same question in a job interview to see if the candidate is being honest.

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Many people have tried to lie to her in the past by writing wrong information in their CVs

Musk now knows how to foil this trick. He stated during a lecture that he had asked the candidate “to narrate the biggest problems he faced and how he started solving them.”

According to one study, it is possible to find out if a person is telling the truth when they have to provide detailed information about their professional experience.

The 49-year-old adds that he is not interested in the university degrees of his candidates or their educational level, according to the daily newspaper. Daily Stars.

“They don’t even need a diploma, or even a high school,” he said in an interview in 2014.

The billionaire explains that he looks for “exceptional, uncommon characteristics” when he seeks to hire someone.

Musk recently became the richest person on the planet with a fortune of $ 172.8 billion according to the magazine Forbes.

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