Chris Nylan Apologizes To Jonathan Drouin

A few days after criticizing Jonathan Drouin’s absence from the Montreal Canadiens squad, Chris Nylan retracted and apologized on Monday.

The strong ex-court man, now 64, posted a video Saturday criticizing Jonathan Drouin’s decision not to play due to a wrist injury.

His name was put on the injured list on Friday, and on Sunday, TVA Sports reported that his season is over and he is likely to undergo surgery. He must also obtain a second medical opinion on the matter.

“Oh my. Jonathan Drouin won’t play tonight. Let’s see! My God! Poor Jonathan! What’s wrong this time, Jonathan? My God. Watching the match! It’s safer to watch from home!” Neilan said on social media on Saturday.

However, this sequence has since been deleted to be replaced by another.

“Jonathan Drouin, I’m talking to you because I want to apologize,” he says right away. Listen, I’ve made many mistakes in my life, and I know I’ve made one. Saturday. I made a video about you that was cruel and cruel and it was wrong. I can only imagine how that made you You feel. I personally know I felt bad when I saw her again. Once again, I deeply apologize, and I can guarantee this will never happen again.”

Druin has six goals and 20 points in 34 games this season.

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