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Climate change | NASA and the European Space Agency form a partnership

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(Paris) NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) formed a partnership on Tuesday to pool their expertise in Earth observation and thus better understand climate change.

“In order to ensure that data from Earth observation satellites are used to advance science and ultimately benefit humanity, ESA and NASA have entered into a strategic partnership for Earth science and climate change,” ESA announced in a press release.

This partnership was formalized by a declaration of intent signed by ESA Director General Joseph Asbacher and NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

It aims to “chart a course to provide a global response to climate change by observing the Earth and its environment,” according to the statement.

The two agencies have already worked together on environmental issues, notably on the European Copernicus Earth Observation Program Sentinel-6 satellite, which aims to measure sea level rise.

According to Joseph Schbacher, “Space is undoubtedly the most useful site for measuring and monitoring climate change, but joining forces is also crucial to addressing the problem,” particularly “in the run-up to the International Conference on Climate COP26,” in November.

“Climate change is a global challenge that requires action now,” Bill Nelson commented.

The partnership will allow the two agencies to find ‘synergies’, coordinate some of their programmes, and work together in a ‘more flexible’ manner.

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